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Flat Roofing Orlando

What is flat roofing Orlando?

Flat roofing Orlando is precisely as it sounds. Flat roofing has a pitch that is approximately 10 degrees. What this means is that the roof is relatively flat in comparison to other roofing structures. A flat roof is beneficial for either residential or commercial properties because of their structural integrity and popularity. 

Adding a flat roof to your home could be for a garden terrace or for a place to get sun. Not all roofs have to be huge, as your flat roof could be just for a portion of the home. However, you want to make sure that that part of your home is still protected from the elements such as the wind, hail and rain storms we frequently see in Florida.

We’ve also seen garages added onto homes as additions or even for another story that the homeowner wants to add later.

Flat roofing Orlando isn’t just for the homeowner, however, it’s also for the commercial building too. If you’re using your roof terrace as a place to take a lunch or if it’s simply housing your AC system, you should consider having someone check it if you see any holes, sagging or if there are shingles on it and they’re missing. Flat roofs can also hold water over a pitched roof because of it being flat. If you do see sagging of the roof, you should call an expert right away so they can determine if it’s a fix or a reroof.

Flat roofing Orlando is popularly used for extensions to your home or business, as well as for garages of all types. Flat roofs are traditionally constructed with masonry or concrete and are good at keeping out the heat from the sun in a cost-effective fashion.

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