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Getting a new roof for your home is a big project, and you should feel confident in the Heathrow new roof company you choose. Consider these tips to find the right roofer for your needs.

How do you begin to search for a Heathrow new roof company? Before the internet came around, you would pull out the Yellow Pages, find the “roofing” section, and start calling. Today, doing your due diligence is easier since you can do it all from your computer and smartphone. Here are a few things to check before making your final decision.


Checking references is the best way to know how good a roofing company’s reputation is. Many reviews are at your fingertips since satisfied customers can submit reviews and testimonials online. Here are a few places to look for customer reviews:


“We contracted Advantage Roofing to install a new roof on our home this past month. We couldn’t be happier with the job. Brian,  our salesman, also managed the project with tenacity from beginning to end. He, along with the owner, responded quickly to any of our concerns. The crew was great. All went so well and the cleanup was outstanding! So, so important.”

From the first visit to the finished project, the whole team was responsive and let us know exactly what to expect at every step. We’re very pleased with our new roof!”


When choosing a Heathrow new roof company, ask to see their licenses and certifications. You most certainly want to hire a fully licensed and certified roofing company, and they should have no problem disclosing their credentials. In Florida, you can check licensing online, so you’ll be prepared if you need to ask for any additional information.

When a company does not have the proper licensing, you may not be financially protected if something goes wrong. You should also be concerned that an unlicensed company could cut corners when it comes to your roofing project. 

Cleanup PlanHeathrow new roof company

Part of every roofing job should be a cleanup plan. A new roof leaves debris like shingles, nails, and metal that can be harmful to children, pets, and your vehicles. Make sure the Heathrow new roof company you choose has a strategy to keep your property safe and clear of debris.

At Advantage Roofing, we have an extensive cleanup strategy that includes a giant magnet to remove nails and other metal debris. All Floors of Orlando left us a great testimonial about our cleanup job:

“We like the way they clean up all the fallen loose nails by laying a huge plastic tarp all around my home, and using big magnets after they remove the tarp to catch any loose metal pieces. Great company, this is the second time we have used this company to reroof our other home.”

 After you’ve done your Heathrow new roof company research, contact Advantage Roofing. You’ll find that our team can be trusted to get the job right the first time.