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Although the bulk of hurricane season is behind us, it’s still important to make sure your home or business’s roof is in great shape for the new season. Below are some roofing tips based on the springtime problems we often encounter. 

While many of us are thankful for the change of seasons. Here, in Florida, that means the weather warms up several degrees leading into those summer months, and the rain doesn’t stop. There are a few things and roofing tips you need to be aware of during this season.

1. Watch Out For Damaged Shingles

You’ll often notice damaged shingles during the summer months and hurricane season, but they frequently get damaged in the springtime, as well. 

If your roof has some physical damage, it will only worsen in these rainy months to follow. If your damage is problematic and you want to feel confident that your roof is secure, contact us for an inspection.

2. Keep An Eye (And Ear) Out For Critters

Central Florida is a lush environment, and although roofs are designed to protect your home and living situation, sometimes your non-human neighbors (a.k.a critters) sneak in to reap some of those benefits. 

While we understand their efforts, those unwanted house guests can cause significant damage to your roof. Keep an eye and an ear out for them and call us if you believe that they’re crawling into your attic or are doing damage to the outside of your roof.

3. Look Out For Leaks

The most common springtime roofing problem: LEAKS! As tedious as it is, leaks can easily be prevented by staying aware of what’s going on upstairs. 

Unwanted separations in roofing components caused by environmental factors are a huge contributor to this rainy-season situation. Some unforeseen factors like temperature spikes or heavy rainfall can gradually tear at some roofing components. 

As professionals with over 30 years in the business, we are eager to solve this problem with confidence that will last longer than the season, contact us today to get a free estimate