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If you’re a DIY-er, it can be tempting to fix your own roof. But before you climb that ladder, check out these reasons why it’s better to hire professional Lake Mary roofing contractors for the job.

Made popular by a variety of home improvement television shows and YouTube channels, doing it yourself is a fun way to tackle a home project. It can give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have more in your skill set than you thought possible. Home improvement guru, Bob Villa, put together a list of DIY jobs that (he thinks) anyone can do. Some highlights from this list include:

What was noticeably not on this list? Roof repairs. That’s right. Not even Bob Villa recommends doing it yourself when it comes to fixing a problem on your roof. This is where Advantage Roofing’s Lake Mary roofing contractors come in. Let us do the heavy lifting and ladder climbing for you.

Here is our list of reasons that roof repair is best left to the professionals.

It’s Not Cheaper

For some projects, the cost of labor is as much as, if not more than, the cost of materials, which is why doing the labor yourself can save you money. However, roofing materials are usually less expensive for a professional roofing company to obtain because they purchase them in such large quantities. They also have partnerships with vendors who typically charge roofers a wholesale price.

If you add in all the trips to the home improvement store for materials and tools you didn’t get enough of or didn’t know you needed, you could be out a significant amount of time and money.

You May Void Your Warranty

Shingles come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Manufacturers will usually only honor the warranty if the work is done by a certified installation company. Doing the work yourself could void your warranty.

You Could Lose Your Home Insurance

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy. Many companies will only insure a roof if it is worked on by a certified roofing company. 

You Can Miss Big Problems

If you are not a roofing professional, you may be able to fix an obvious problem like a missing shingle, but you could miss a less obvious problem like a damaged joint. Our Lake Mary roofing contractors know what to look for when they perform a roof inspection. We will make sure no issues are overlooked.

It’s Dangerous

Our roofing professionals are highly trained and skilled at climbing ladders, standing on sloped roofs, using tools, and not injuring themselves. Don’t be a Clark Griswold. Leave the dangerous work to the professionals at Advantage Roofing.

It Won’t Look As GoodLake Mary roofing contractors

Even if you are able to fix your roof issue, it takes real skill to make sure the shingles are lined up properly and tightly affixed to the roof. If your shingles are askew, your roof will stick out like a sore thumb and could affect your home’s curb appeal and even your property value.

You can see why it’s best to leave all roofing jobs to the professional Lake Mary roofing contractors with Advantage Roofing. Our skills and experience will leave your roof looking top-notch and performing at its best for many years. Contact us today to learn more about how we can address your roofing needs.