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If you want to update your home’s look with an Avalon Park roof replacement, trusty asphalt shingles are a cost-effective option.

Asphalt shingles are an American invention and have been used since the early 1900s. Their predecessor, the wood shingle, was too much of a fire risk. And asphalt shingles provided a similar look and functionality without the fire hazard. Asphalt continues to be the most popular type of roofing material today because it offers a relatively high level of protection at a reasonable price.

Until recently, asphalt shingles have been more function than fashion when it comes to their look and style. But that’s changing. More than ever, homeowners are using asphalt shingles to make a statement when they have their Avalon Park roof replacement done. Here are some ways that asphalt shingles are being used to spruce up the curb appeal of Florida homes.

Bold ColorsAvalon Park roof replacement

When our Advantage Roofing team meets with you to discuss your Avalon Park roof replacement, we can show you all the different colors available to you when you choose asphalt shingles. Although shades of brown are still the most popular, choosing a more daring color can set your home apart from the neighbors.

Did you know that there is a 2023 color of the year for Owens-Corning asphalt shingles? The hot shade for the new year is called Midnight Plum and it’s described as having violet shades with elegant touches of silver. You can expect to see this shade popping up throughout the new year.

Contrasting Colors

When choosing a color for your roof, consider the color of your house. Your roof makes up almost half of the visual area of your home and color blocking is a trend we see continuing in 2023. If your home is painted white, a black asphalt shingle roof will make an excellent contrasting look. If your home is a blue/green, go with a light brown/tan shingle color for an interesting color contrast. Log cabins or homes with natural wood siding look great with green roofs that help them coordinate with their natural surroundings.

Mixed Materials

One trend we’re seeing now is homeowners mixing their roofing materials to give their homes a custom style. Asphalt shingles combined with metal can give your home a modern industrial look. Here are some other advantages of mixing roofing materials:

Advantage Roofing: Your Style Partner

The options are endless for creating color and material combinations that match your style. And when you’re ready for your Avalon Park roof replacement, our team at Advantage Roofing is ready to help.  We can guide you through making your decision on the material and color for your new roof. Contact us today to discuss your options.