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If you think a home inspector will catch everything our Oviedo roofing contractors notice, think again. Here’s why having a professional roofer handle your roof inspection is the only way to go.

When you’re considering making an offer on a house, it’s common to pay for a home inspection. Typically referred to the home buyer by their realtor, home inspectors examine everything in the home to make sure that it’s working properly. If the water heater or air conditioner needs to be fixed, you want it to be taken care of before closing.

Your home inspector may also look at the roof of the home and give you an idea about its condition. Some realtors report that home inspectors don’t look too closely at roofs, but if your inspector does climb the ladder to take a look, and he isn’t a licensed roofer, he could overlook potential problems. 

Our Oviedo roofing contractors know exactly what to look for when they perform a roof inspection. These issues may slip by your standard home inspector but our team at Advantage Roofing won’t miss them.

Shedding Shingles

At first glance, the shingles may look fine. None are missing and the roof angle is nice and straight. Look closer and you may see that the shingles have shed much of their protective layer. 

Shingle granules protect the shingle from damage and, although some shedding is normal, the shingles shouldn’t be bare of granules. Piles of granules on the ground or discolored spots on the roof can be signs of significant shedding.

Damaged Gutters

They’re not technically part of the roof, but the gutters of a home can be part of a roof inspection from our Oviedo roofing contractors. If gutters are damaged, they may not let water drain properly. If water is pooling anywhere on or near your roof, water damage may follow. 

Our roofing team will closely inspect your gutters for dents, tears, or clogs that can lead to more problems down the road.

A Professional Roof Inspection Helps With NegotiationsOviedo roofing contractors

After performing a full inspection of the roof, we will provide you with a report that you can take to your real estate agent. If repairs are needed, you can include in the contract that they must be completed prior to closing. 

You can also choose to handle the repairs yourself and use the roofing inspection report to negotiate a lower asking price.

Professional Roofers Have Relationships With Manufacturers

If there is a problem with the roofing material used on the current roof, the Oviedo roofing contractors performing your inspection can communicate directly with the manufacturer in an effort to get replacement materials at a discounted price. 

If the roof is under warranty, your roofing contractor can go directly to the manufacturer and may be able to get replacement materials for free. Having that professional relationship can pay off.

Oviedo Roofing Contractors Can Handle The Repairs

If a repair is needed, and we have already written the report, we will know exactly what needs to be done to satisfy the contract. We can get the job completed quickly and efficiently so that you can move forward with the closing process.

At Advantage Roofing, we can do it all. Our Oviedo roofing contractors specialize in roof inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacements. And when you’re ready to make a major decision like buying a house, you want your new roof to protect your investment. Having roofing professionals handle your roof inspection is the best way to know the true condition of your roof. 

Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection. We look forward to helping you with all of your roofing needs.