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When water gets into your roof, the damage can be severe. Here’s how you know it’s time to call in a Maitland roof water damage specialist to see if you need a new roof.

You likely don’t climb a ladder to inspect your roof very often. So how do you know when your roof has sustained water damage? Our Maitland roof water damage experts share these easy-to-see warning signs that mean that you need a new roof.

Water Spots On The Ceiling

Walk around your home or commercial building and look up. If you have water damage to your roof, there may be water spots on the ceiling resulting from water seeping through the shingles. These spots may appear brown or “rusty,” or they may just look wet. Either way, if you have spots, you should call the professionals to inspect your roof. 

At Advantage Roofing, our roofing specialists can examine your potential leak and offer the best solution for the problem. By performing a leak inspection before it causes future damage, you could extend the lifespan of your roof. Ignoring the problem, however, could lead to a total roof replacement.

Your Baseboards Are Separating From The WallsMaitland roof water damage

You should walk around looking down after you’ve walked through your property looking up for water spots. Focus on the baseboards. Are they flush with the walls, or have they started separating from them? A water leak can cause the walls to swell, making the baseboards pop off of the walls.

You can also see signs of water damage on your wallpaper. The excess moisture from Maitland roof water damage can cause the wallpaper adhesive to lose its stickiness, making it separate from the wall. This could appear as bubbles or loose corners and seams.

Piles Of Granules On The Ground

After inspecting the inside of your property, take a walk around outside. Look down at the ground, specifically by your downspouts. Do you see asphalt granules? These could look like piles of black or gray pepper. They collect by the downspouts because they shed from your shingles during rain or continued water exposure.

While some shedding is normal, especially for a brand new roof, excessive shedding could indicate that your shingles are due for replacement. If you have Maitland roof water damage, your shingles could lack the protective layer of asphalt granules, making them more susceptible to leaks.

Do You Need A New Roof?

If you suspect Maitland roof water damage, call us out to have a look. Our roof installation specialists can handle your needs if it is determined that your roof needs to be replaced. In some cases, water damage can be repaired, but a new roof may be your best option if the damage is widespread. 

Read through our client testimonials to see how pleased our customers are with our roofing work. Jennifer says, 

“We highly recommend Advantage Roofing. The job was done well and the workers were respectful of our property. They showed up when they were scheduled and finished when they said they would. This job was a complete re-roof, but we have used them in the past for a repair on another house and had a good experience with that also.”

If you notice any signs of Maitland roof water damage, let us know, and we will assess your need for repair or replacement. We can offer you a free estimate, whether the work you need is minor or significant. Contact us today for your roofing needs.