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Spring is here, and you know what that means—storms! Our Edgewood roofer has these tips for preparing your roof for rain and wind.

In Florida, we have a lot of weather to worry about. Hurricanes hit our state more than any other, and we get more than our fair share of rain. Did you know that the Sunshine State is also the lightning capital of the U.S.? You can imagine the toll these conditions take on your roof. Our Edgewood roofer recommends you do some things to prepare it for the upcoming storm season.

Keep Your Roof Clean and Debris-Free

Keeping your roof clean is vital to ensuring its durability and functionality over time. Regular cleaning is recommended every quarter, which involves removing leaves and washing shingles to eliminate invasive algae. Neglecting this upkeep can accelerate roof wear and lead to premature leaks. You can preserve its integrity and prevent costly damage by staying proactive with roof cleaning.

Check for Damaged Shingles and Perform Replacements

Our Advantage Roofing team can inspect for damaged shingles and promptly replace them during routine roof maintenance. Addressing missing or broken shingles can prevent water infiltration and structural damage during storms. 

Taking this proactive approach ensures that your roof remains resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus, you can effectively safeguard your property and belongings.

Regularly Clear GuttersEdgewood roofer

Don’t overlook the importance of clean gutters in maintaining a healthy roof system. Clearing leaves and debris from gutters at least four times a year is necessary to ensure proper drainage of roof runoff away from your home. 

Clogged gutters are a common culprit behind water backup and possible roof leaks. Staying vigilant with gutter maintenance safeguards your roof and prevents water damage.

Inspect Insulation and Ventilation

Proper insulation and ventilation play a significant role in maintaining the health of your roof, particularly in Florida’s hot climate. Inadequate ventilation and insulation can result in excessive heat buildup in the attic, leading to roof damage from the inside. Regular inspections of insulation and ventilation systems ensure optimal conditions, mitigating the risk of structural deterioration and prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

Monitor for Leaks and Stains

Regularly checking for leaks and stains in your attic is essential for identifying potential roof issues early on. Conducting leak inspections during heavy rain can reveal problem areas where water infiltration occurs. By promptly addressing leaks and stains, you can prevent water damage and mold growth, preserve the structural integrity of your roof, and maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Perform Repairs Before The Storm

Scheduling a comprehensive roof inspection is a proactive step towards safeguarding your property. Addressing any necessary repairs before the storm season can help protect your home from potential damage. By taking action now, you can identify and fix any vulnerabilities in your roof that could worsen during severe weather. 

Waiting until after a storm hits to address needed repairs can make matters worse, leading to more extensive damage and costly repairs. Investing in pre-storm roof maintenance is crucial for ensuring your roof’s optimal condition. It prepares your roof to withstand the challenges of storm season, offering peace of mind and protecting your home or business from the elements.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection Today!

A professional inspection from one of our Edgewood roofers is the best way to prepare for storm season. We can thoroughly examine your roof and make recommendations for needed repairs. Shoring up your roof ahead of the storms will give it a better chance of withstanding the wind, rain, and hail that will come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.