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Too much roof damage can lead to a roof replacement. But how do you know when it’s time? Our Fairview Shores roofer explains Florida’s 25% rule for roof replacement.

Florida is known for the sun and waves, but we have some of the most extreme weather conditions in the country. Did you know that our state is the lightning capital of the U.S.? And hurricane season lasts half the year! All this wind, rain, hail, and lightning takes a toll on roofs across the state. The 25% rule was added to the Florida Building Code in 2007 to keep our structures safe and sound. Let’s explore this rule and its impact on your home or business.

What Is The 25% Rule?

The 25% rule in roofing determines whether a roof should be repaired or replaced based on the extent of damage or deterioration. 

According to this rule, if more than 25% of a roof’s surface area is damaged, deteriorated, or needs repair, replacing your roof is generally more cost-effective than patching or repairing the damaged areas. 

This guideline helps property owners and roofers in Fairview Shores make informed decisions about the most appropriate course of action to ensure the long-term integrity and performance of the roof. By assessing the extent of damage and applying the 25% rule, individuals can prioritize safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness when addressing roofing issues.

When Does The 25% Rule Apply?

Several criteria are considered when determining whether the 25% rule applies to a roofing project. 

By examining these essential elements, our Fairview Shores roofing company can gauge the severity of the issues and determine whether the damage surpasses the 25% threshold, warranting a total roof replacement rather than repairs. 

Evaluating these criteria enables homeowners, business owners, and contractors to make informed decisions about the most suitable approach to address roofing concerns, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for the roof.

Roof Tips For Homeowners and Business Owners

Both homeowners and business owners should prioritize regular roof assessments, particularly after severe weather events like storms, to detect damage that may surpass the 25% rule criteria. 

Regular visual inspections are also essential to catch potential issues early. During these evaluations, look for damage indicators, such as missing or deteriorated shingles, leaks, or areas of sagging. If there are concerns that the damage exceeds the 25% threshold, seeking professional inspection and assistance is crucial. Experienced roofing contractors in Fairview Shores can:

The Importance Of Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors

It is crucial to partner with an experienced Fairview Shores roofer who profoundly understands the 25% rule when assessing your roof and performing necessary repairs or replacements

These professionals bring invaluable expertise, enabling them to accurately evaluate roofs and recommend appropriate solutions based on the severity of the damage and the property’s specific requirements. Fairview Shores roofer

By leveraging their knowledge and skills, our roofing contractors can ensure that roofs meet industry standards and regulations, ultimately enhancing their longevity and functionality.

From conducting thorough assessments to implementing effective repair or replacement strategies, experienced roofing contractors play a vital role in safeguarding residential and commercial properties’ structural integrity and durability.

Contact Advantage Roofing For An Inspection

If you think your roof may have sustained damage—whether due to a recent storm or last year—turn to our team of professional Fairview Shores roofers. We can thoroughly and honestly assess your roof’s condition and then offer recommendations to restore it to optimal health and functionality. If repairs are needed, we can take care of them. If you need a new roof, our licensed and insured roofing contractors can handle that, too. Contact us today to get started.