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Even though we rarely get snow and ice, winter can still take a toll on your roof. Our Heathrow roofing company has some winter prep tips to help your roof make it safely through the new year and beyond.

Florida has one of the country’s mildest winters, with low temperatures generally in the 50s. In the Sunshine State, there’s no need to add ice blocks or do any snow prep to your roof. However, winter does bring some opportunities to get your roof in shape for the coming seasons. We’ve gathered insights on how Florida’s weather can affect roofs, sharing essential upkeep tricks to help your roof withstand the elements and stay in great shape.

Cooler Temperatures

Although the temperatures rarely drop to freezing, it does get a little cooler during winter. Ensure your roof is ready by checking your attic insulation. When your roof is adequately insulated, it serves two purposes: first, it keeps you warmer by keeping the cool air out, and second, it protects your roof structurally. 

Insulation keeps the wood structure under your roof from adjusting to temperature changes throughout the year. It also keeps excess heat from escaping through gaps and reaching the roof’s peak, where it can trickle down as condensation and create a moisture issue

High Winds

Winter is not typically the windiest season in Florida, but with mild temperatures year-round, storms are ever-present. The occasional wind gust can tear off shingles if improperly secured. When was the last time you had a professional roof inspection? Now is an excellent time because the bulk of storm season is behind us, and our Heathrow roofing company has more availability to look at your roof. We will check your shingles for signs of wear or damage and recommend any necessary repairs.

RainHeathrow Roofing Company

As in any tropical location, warm weather brings rain and storms year-round. A December or January storm in Florida is not uncommon, so you should ensure your roof is ready! Our team can check for missing shingles, loose flashing, and damaged gutters that can make your roof more susceptible to water damage. 

Anywhere water can sneak in, it will, so let’s take care of any needed roof repairs before the next rain event. Flashing covers seams where your roof meets structural objects like skylights or chimneys. It’s crucial that your flashing forms a tight seal against your shingles to keep rain out.

Damaged gutters can allow rainwater to collect and rise to your roof – another sneaky place water can get in. Cleaning your gutters is a nasty job, but it’s necessary to maintain the health of your roof.

Perfect Time For Replacement

If your roof sustained damage from this year’s storm season, now is a great time to replace it. Everyone’s schedule slows down a bit during winter, so why not check this item off your to-do list before the new year? Replacing your roof with our Heathrow roofing company will give you decades of worry-free home maintenance.

Our warm winters provide the perfect weather for a speedy, high-quality roof replacement. Replacing a roof in the spring can take longer because of weather delays, but since the rain has slowed down (it never really stops), it makes our job that much easier. And what better way to prepare for next year’s storm season than with a brand-new roof? 

Let Advantage Roofing Prep Your Roof This Winter

Our Heathrow roofing company has served homeowners and business owners for over 30 years. We are highly familiar with Florida’s weather and how to keep roofs in optimal condition. Contact us today for any of your roofing needs.