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If you’ve ever wondered what installing shingles in Orlando is like, you came to the right place. Here’s how it’s done, and why you should call in a professional roofing company to handle this project.


Having new shingles on your roof can be a huge improvement to your home’s overall appearance, but it needs to be done right. If you’re thinking of installing shingles in Orlando on your own, be prepared to spend a lot of time on this labor-intensive project. 

Step 1: Plan

Before you begin installing shingles, you’ll need to calculate the amount of material needed to complete your project. To find the total area of your roof, you’ll need to measure and multiply the length and width of each section. 

Once you have done this, you can add the product from each section together and divide the total by 100. This will give you the square footage of your roof. You probably didn’t expect a math lesson today, but every part of a roofing project requires careful planning

Step 2: Prepare

Next, you need to prepare your roof. This means removing any of the existing shingles as well as the flashing underneath. It’s possible to reuse flashing that is in good condition, but it’s usually recommended to replace it. There will also be a significant number of nails that need to be removed. 

Step 3: Install The Flashing

Flashing must be present in each of the valleys of your roof, where different roof sections join together. It also needs to be installed around any chimneys, skylights, or architectural features, like dormers, where your roof meets the wall of your home. 

Step 4: Lay The Underlayment

Your roof needs to have a drip edge, an ice and water barrier, and an underlayment. These layers provide additional protection from the elements.

Step 5: Install The Shingles

Now you can finally start installing shingles in Orlando. You need to work your way up and then across your roof, always following the same pattern. You will want to leave some shingle overlap at the roof edge, ensuring that no part of the roof is exposed. Most shingle manufacturers recommend four to six nails per shingle, so you can expect this part of your project to take up the greatest amount of time.

Step 6: Go Back To Step 1 and Call Advantage Roofing

If our brief description of the steps you need to take when installing shingles in Orlando has you feeling a little overwhelmed, imagine doing it yourself! Depending on the size of your roof and your schedule, it could take you days or even weeks to complete. Additionally, you will need specialized tools and equipment for the project that you may not have on hand, including:

You can’t just consider the time and materials needed. Installing a roof requires you to spend hours high in the air, climbing up and down ladders and carrying heavy shingles around your roof. This comes with a considerable amount of risk and should not be taken lightly.

At Advantage Roofing, our team of experienced roofing professionals has been installing shingles in Orlando and all over Central Florida for years. We are comfortable tackling any challenge your roof has to offer, and can do it quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today and leave your roofing project to us.