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If you’re responsible for keeping your commercial building’s roof in good shape, you probably have questions about hiring Kissimmee roofers for maintenance. Today is your lucky day – we’re here to answer the most common questions about commercial roofs.

Commercial roofing is much different than residential roofing. The materials are different, the skill set needed by the roofing contractor is different, and the general scope of the projects is generally much larger. The roofing company you hire should be skilled in the intricacies of commercial roofing. How do you know which Kissimmee roofers are qualified? We’ll show you! 

What Is A Commercial Roof?

Let’s start with the basics. What do we mean by “commercial roofing?” Commercial roofing refers to the materials and systems used to seal commercial (non-residential) structures, protecting their contents and conserving energy. Since commercial roofs are usually flat, proper maintenance is vital to prevent water damage. Neglecting regular inspections and repairs can harm the roof, walls, and other vital areas. Regular roof inspections and maintenance ensure continuous protection for your commercial building.

Fun Fact: Did you know that flat roofs aren’t truly flat? They generally have a slope of ¼ inch per foot to allow for water runoff.

Why Does Your Business Need Commercial Roofing Services?

Your business should seek out the services of a professional commercial roofing company because it takes specialized knowledge and experience to work on commercial roofs. Other benefits of hiring a commercial roofing contractor include the following:

Expertise – Commercial roofing contractors have unique skills in dealing with various commercial roofing systems. They are familiar with the challenges and requirements of commercial roofs. 

Quality Workmanship – A commercial roofing contractor can ensure that your roofing job is done with high-quality workmanship, using the right materials and techniques to preserve the roof’s longevity and durability.

Safety – Roofing work can be dangerous. Commercial roofing contractors have the necessary safety equipment and training to handle the job safely.

Compliance – Commercial roofing contractors know what building codes, permits, and regulations apply to your building. You can be assured that the work will comply with all the applicable requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness – Commercial Kissimmee roofers are familiar with which materials to use and how to perform repairs most efficiently. Their knowledge and experience will save you money.

Protection – Professional commercial roofers are licensed and insured to protect their company and yours in the case of an accident on the job site. Professional roofing companies also typically warranty their work to protect you in case of any issues after the job is completed.

How Can You Tell If You Need A Repair Or Replacement?Kissimmee Roofers

A rule of thumb helps determine whether roof repair or replacement is more cost-effective. The equation considers the percentage of the roof that requires repair. If the repair cost exceeds a certain threshold compared to the replacement price, opting for a complete roof replacement is usually more practical. Our team of Kissimmee roofers is skilled in evaluating commercial roofs and can tell you if yours needs repairs or if it’s time to replace it.

How Do You Choose A Commercial Roofing Contractor?

The best way to decide which company to hire is to check references and client testimonials. The more first-hand knowledge you can get about a company, the better. These reviews will help you assess how well a company operates and how important it is that its customers are fully satisfied. 

You can check our reviews on Google and our website. You can also reach out to colleagues and ask for references. We’ll also put one here for you to check out:

“Great job guys! After reviewing several companies, we met with Thomas. He was very genuine and explained the process step by step. We could not believe how simple it was, they did everything they said they would. Will highly recommend hands down.” -Luis P.

Have More Questions? Advantage Roofing Has The Answers

Commercial roofing is very different from residential roofing. We are proud to be skilled in both areas, having served the roofing needs of homeowners and businesses in Central Florida for over 30 years. Contact us with any roofing questions and to schedule an inspection.