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If you want to avoid Lake Butler roof repair this season, follow these simple tips on installing holiday lights safely. Or watch Christmas Vacation and do the opposite of everything Clark Griswold does.

Our Lake Butler roof repair team loves seeing everyone decorate their roofs for the holiday season. What’s more beautiful than a gorgeous roof? A magnificent roof with twinkling lights! As many homeowners are crawling into the attic and detangling their strands of lights, we want to remind you of some tips to keep your roof and your entire home safe and damage-free while you decorate. So, grab some hot cocoa and read on.

Use Plastic Clips

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you can likely fashion holiday light clips out of whatever you have in your garage. But for this particular project, go to the store and look for plastic clips that are specifically made for hanging lights. 

These clips typically attach to your roof or gutters securely without damaging them. Plastic clips don’t puncture the roof or siding and are safe to use year after year. You only need to remember what box you stored them in the year before.

Avoid Staples And Nails

Here’s another Clark Griswold cautionary tale. Nothing good comes from stapling lights to your roof. In addition to possibly losing a shirt sleeve, stapling or nailing your light strands to your roof can damage your shingles. It’s best to use attachment tools designed to keep your roof (and your shirt) damage-free.

Use LED Lights

You likely have swapped out all the incandescent light bulbs in your home with LED bulbs, so it’s time to upgrade your holiday lights, too. LED bulbs have many advantages over their filament fathers:

LED bulbs give you the option to change colors, program with a smart device, and save on your energy bill. They’re also much less likely to break when you store them.

Don’t Overload Outlets

When you plug too many cords into a single circuit, it can short out, causing a significant inconvenience throughout your home. An overloaded circuit can also overheat and start a fire that requires Lake Butler roof repair. 

We know that you want maximum holiday illumination, but be sure to spread out your power needs to multiple outlets to lower the fire risk. And while we’re on the subject, don’t daisy chain your extension cords. The hardware store has a longer one, trust us.

Consider Solar Lights

If you want to avoid the overloaded circuit and extension cord issue altogether, you could opt for solar lights. These holiday lights draw power from the sun during the day and twinkle at night. Solar has other advantages, including their energy efficiency and negligible fire risk.

Avoid Walking On Your RoofLake Butler roof repair

Decorating the edges of your roof with lights may not quench your inner Clark Griswold holiday spirit. If you decide to adorn your roof with lights, even just a few strands along the peaks, exercise caution when navigating the roof’s surface. You may consider having a professional install your lights because they are likely insured for any damage they may cause to your roof. 

If you must walk on your roof, be careful to walk along the “roof walkways” or “roof walk paths.” These designated paths or walkways are engineered to bear the weight of individuals without damaging the roofing material. Roof walkways are essential for maintenance and inspections to avoid accidents and protect the roof’s integrity. They’re also handy for holiday light installation!

Happy Holidays From Advantage Roofing 

This season and all year long, we want you to avoid adding stress to your roof that could result in a Lake Butler roof repair. But when you need us, we are ready to help. Contact us for more roof decorating tips and to schedule an inspection or roofing estimate.