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Lake Mary roof hail damage can create the need for roof repairs or a roof replacement. But what does hail do to your roof to put you in this situation?


When it comes to Lake Mary roof hail damage, you need Advantage Roofing for the job. We have been providing roof repairs and replacements to our clients for over 30 years. Our quality workmanship, competitive prices, and excellent customer service have earned us the trust of homeowners throughout the Central Florida area. In this blog, we will discuss some of the common roofing problems caused by hail storms, and what can be done to fix them.

What Can Lake Mary Roof Hail Damage Do To My Roof?

Immediate Cosmetic and Surface Damage

Right after a hail storm, you may notice that some of the shingles have been knocked or blown off of your roof. Your shingles may have noticeable dents, and the small granules that coat your shingles may be falling off and filling your gutters. 

Missing shingles can expose the seams on your roof to the elements, increasing your chances for roof leaks. The dents and granule loss on your shingles can cause them to prematurely wear, creating shingles that are brittle and crack easily. 

UV Damage from Granule Loss

The sand-like granules on your shingles are there to protect the shingles from ultraviolet rays from the sun. If you have roof hail damage and the granules have fallen off the shingles, it can cause greater problems down the road. If you’re not sure what the extent of the damage is, it’s always best to have your roof inspected by professional roofers. 

Cracking Shingles

As your shingles become more and more weathered, temperature fluctuations can increase the size of cracks and form holes that allow water to access the interior layers of your roof. Additionally, worn out shingles can curl at the edges and become more susceptible to wind damage.

Long-Term Damage

If you have Lake Mary roof hail damage and choose not to repair or replace your roof, you expose your home to even more potential problems. As the weeks and months go by, your shingles will become less and less effective at preventing leaks. Rainwater entering your home can cause structural damage from rotting or moldy wood, and it can damage walls, ceilings, furniture, or other valuables. 

What Can I Do About My Roof Hail Damage?

The best way to protect your roof and prevent further damage is to quickly address any damage caused by a hail storm. At Advantage Roofing, we offer a number of services that can make your roofing problems a thing of the past, including:

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