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Whether you’re preparing for hurricane season or for a roof repair, here’s how you can prepare for a Lake Nona roof inspection.

There are a few reasons why you may be needing our services, but when’s the last time you prepared for your Lake Nona roof inspection? 

You can help make your roof inspection a seamless process by preparing for it properly. Below are four simple steps you can do before the inspection.

Roof Inspection Prep Tip #1

One of the first ways you can prepare for a roof inspection is by cleaning out your gutters. 

The majority of an inspection is visual, so making sure that the Lake Nona roof inspector has clear visuals and pathways to perform any needed tests is both beneficial and helps smoothly move the inspection process along.

Lake Nona Roof being worked onRoof Inspection Prep Tip #2

You can also help to clear the path by removing tree branches or debris that are laying on your roof. 

An inspection is a hands-on process, which means that the inspector will likely be climbing on your roof, so keeping it clear is key.

Roof Inspection Prep Tip #3

Cleaning up your attic, if you have one. Your roof is connected to the attic and often there can be hidden signs of roof damage in there. Making sure there are clear paths throughout your attic prior to your inspection will be helpful.

Roof Inspection Prep Tip #4

The inspector may have questions from yesteryear that you may not have the answers to. 

Try to gather paperwork, such as any insurance roof claims, recent repairs, and original roofing documents, that can help paint a historical picture of your roof’s lifespan. 

These roof inspection prep tips will help make for a quicker and smoother process.

Roof inspectors are looking to make sure everything is functioning properly and isn’t damaged, as well as caution you for any potential damages down the road. A few specifics they look for include:

– Proper ventilation

– Signs of leaks resulting in moisture or mold

– Shingle condition

Lake Nona Roof Inspection

Whether you noticed a few signs that may be indicating a roof leak or just want to prepare your roof for hurricane season, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your Lake Nona roof inspection.