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Getting a new roof is a major financial investment. If your insurance policy isn’t paying for it, consider financing from your Maitland roofing company.

Whether a storm has damaged your current roof or you’re putting a roof on a new construction project, a roof for your home or commercial building comes with a significant bill. If you need assistance with the payments, financing can be an option worth investigating. At Advantage Roofing, we work with our customers so that they can get the roof they need when they need it.

Our Maitland roofing company has partnered with Hearth Home Insurance Solutions, Inc. to offer financing options to our customers. These are just a few of the benefits you get by partnering with Advantage Roofing when you need to finance your roofing project.

No Home Equity Required

When you get your financing through our Maitland roofing company, you do not need to have any equity in your home. This works especially well when you’re putting a roof on a new construction project or you’re buying a new home or commercial property.

All you need to do is fill out the application and we’ll take it from there. 

Comparing Rates Will Not Affect Your Credit Score

Often, when you apply for a loan, the terms are based on your credit score. The problem comes when a bank runs your credit report, it can negatively impact your credit score. When you choose to finance your new roof with us, your credit score will not be affected as you shop for the right loan. You can submit your application without worrying about how it will impact your credit.

Our Loans Are Up to $100,000

The average cost of a new residential roof is $10,000, but this number can be affected by many factors including roofing materials, labor costs, the size of your property, and more. If you need to put a new roof on a large home or commercial space, you may need a loan closer to the top end of our financing options.

No Payment Penalties

With some loans, you are penalized for paying them off early. This is not the case with a loan through Advantage Roofing. Our Maitland roofing company wants to make it simple for you to make payments without fear of paying extra just for satisfying the loan before it matures. 

Fixed Monthly Paymentmaitland roofing company

When you finance with Advantage Roofing, you’ll have a fixed payment every month. We know that budgets are important to families and businesses and having a set amount that you’re expected to pay makes budgeting simpler. Nothing is worse than having an amount in your budget and then seeing that number change. Again, we want to work with you to make the roofing process as easy as possible.

How To Get Started With Maitland Roofing Company Financing

The process is quick and easy. You’ll need to provide the following information when you fill out your application:

Next, you will be able to compare rates from several different lenders to find the loan that works best for you. Once your application is approved, our team will work with you to get started on your roofing project. 

If you need a new roof, don’t let the cost stand in your way. When your roof needs to be replaced, putting it off will only lead to more potential damage. At Advantage Roofing, we want to keep you and your home or business protected. Contact us today if you have questions about our financing options. We are ready to get to work for you.