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4 Little-Known Facts About Winter Springs Tile Roof Replacement

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A tile roof can be a beautiful addition to your home. When it’s time for a Winter Springs tile roof replacement, consider these little-known facts.

In the Florida sun and heat, tile roofs are a popular choice. Whether you are looking to add onto your home or you need a Winter Springs tile roof replacement, Advantage Roofing can help. Here are some lesser-known tidbits about tile roofs you may find interesting.

How Often Should A Tile Roof Be Replaced?

Your tile roof should last for decades with proper care. Exactly how long it will last depends on a few factors. In the Florida sun, tile is a good option because it is heat-resistant, it won’t break down like asphalt shingles, and it won’t mold in the wet summer months. 

One thing that will cause problems for a tile roof is birds. When birds nest on and in your tile shingles, the acid from their droppings can deteriorate your tiles. When you see birds getting too comfortable on your roof, call in the experts to safely remove them. With proper care and maintenance, your tile roof can last 50 years or more.

How Do You Know When A Tile Roof Should Be Replaced?

Any of the normal signs of roof damage apply to tile roofs as well. If you have a leak in your home, chances are that you have some roof damage. If you catch a leak early, you will likely only need a repair and not a re-roof. However, if a severe storm does major damage to your roof, you may need a Winter Springs tile roof replacement. 

Speaking with our roof inspectors at Advantage Roofing will give you an idea of the extent of your roof damage. A general rule is if your roof has sustained damage over 50%, it’s cheaper to do a replacement.

Keep an eye out for cracked tiles or pieces of tile on the ground. If you see any tile damage or have a leak, contact us right away.

Can My Tile Be Color-Matched For The Roof On My Home Addition?Winter Springs tile roof replacement

If you are getting a full Winter Springs tile roof replacement, you won’t need to worry about matching the color of your old tile. If you’re adding onto your house, however, you probably want to match the color of your roof as closely as possible. There are a few ways to do this.

The first step is to get the experts at Advantage Roofing on the case. We can examine your current roof tile, find out what company manufactured it, and try to track down some more tiles to match. 

You may also consider painting your roof tile if you are unable to match it completely. Keep in mind that terra cotta tile may have a sealant that protects it and will keep paint from adhering to the surface.

In most cases, we can match your tile closely, and as the new tile is exposed to the elements, it will fade to match your original roof color.

Can Advantage Roofing Handle My Winter Springs Tile Roof Replacement?

At Advantage Roofing, our re-roof experts can help you determine if a new roof is needed or if a simple repair will get the job done. We will help you color-match any old tile or help you find a new shade. 

If you peruse our client testimonials, you’ll see how many satisfied customers take the time to leave us reviews. Johnnie L. is a big fan of our work. He says,

“Tom and his entire team were terrific. They actually completed my roof two weeks faster than originally scheduled. As an Architect myself, I would recommend them to any of my own clients.”

We offer free estimates, so please contact us if you have any questions about your tile roof. We are happy to help.