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Our Winter Springs Roofing Repair Checklist

Winter Springs roofing repair

Knowing how to spot issues on your roof is a skill every homeowner should have. Our roofing team has prepared a homeowner’s inspection checklist and gives you a sneak peek at a checklist that we follow whenever we perform a Winter Springs roofing repair.

Our Advantage Roofing team recommends that you have a professional roof inspection performed regularly. Still, between these inspections, it’s helpful to know how to recognize any potential roof issues that warrant an extra visit from our roofing inspection technicians. Follow our checklist below, then discover how we use your checklist to work through our checklist for your roof.

Homeowners’ Checklist

Follow these steps to know when your home needs Winter Springs roofing repair. Then, call our certified inspection team and we can take it from there.

Step #1 – Establish A Baseline

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a few years or you’re unsure if it’s ever been inspected since you’ve owned the home, you should hire a professional to handle that for you. If you recently purchased your home, you likely have a professional roof inspection to use as a baseline evaluation. 

Step #2 – Walk Around Your Property

Take a walk around your home, looking up at your roof. Look for peeling shingles and shingles with bare spots. From this perspective, you should be able to see shingles that look different from those around them, which could indicate damage. 

Step #3 – Inspect Your Gutters

Take another walk around your home, this time looking at your gutters. Look for hail damage, bends, and breaks. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? If you notice leaves and debris piling up on your roof, it’s probably because your gutters are full. When water can’t flow efficiently through your gutters, it will pool on your roof and can cause damage.

Step #4 – Inspect Your Downspouts

Like your gutters, you should look for bends, breaks, and loose connections on your downspouts that could interfere with water flow. Look at the bottoms of your downspouts for granular material that resembles pepper. If you see piles of this debris, it’s likely the granules from your shingles. Granules protect your shingles and help their water resistance. 

Step #5 – Examine Your TreesWinter Springs roofing repair

If any trees next to your home are hanging over your roof or if limbs are touching your roof, it’s time to trim them. Roofs can’t handle the weight of limbs; and limbs can also rub on the shingles, causing them to lose their granules. Regular tree trimming is healthy for your home and your trees.

Advantage Roofing’s Checklist

When our team of certified roof inspection professionals examines a roof, these are the things we are looking for.

Step #1 – Leak Inspection

We will inspect your attic and any areas inside your home for signs of water damage. We will trace a leak back to its source to determine what repairs are necessary.

Step #2 – Shingle Inspection

We inspect your shingles from the ground and your roof. This gives us an overall perspective of your roof and an up-close view of your shingles to spot any shingle damage. We look for damaged and missing shingles and bare spots where shingles have lost sections of their granules. 

Step #3 – Flashing Inspection

Flashing is the flexible material that covers joints in your roof where shingles meet your chimney, skylights, and other rooftop features. It acts as a water barrier keeping rain from seeping under your shingles. When flashing is damaged or missing, it should be repaired immediately to avoid water damage.

Step #4 – Gutter Inspection

As part of our Winter Springs roofing repair inspection, we give your gutters and downspouts a complete inspection from the ground and the roof. We can spot areas of concern and recommend repairs if needed.

Step #5 – Inspection Report

Finally, we will provide you with a report that you can use to schedule necessary repairs. We recommend that any repairs occur before storm season so your roof can be in its best condition before severe weather strikes.

Contact Advantage Roofing today to schedule your inspection or Winter Springs roofing repair. We look forward to working with you!