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Considering a new roof but unsure which material will be best in the long run? Let our Ocoee roof repair team walk you through the showdown between asphalt and metal roofing.

Asking a roofer which material they like best is like asking a parent which child is their favorite. It’s impossible to choose! But all roof types have advantages and disadvantages, especially when factoring in potential repair needs and schedules. When shopping for a new roof, you have many options – asphalt and metal being the most popular in our area. 

But which is better? Which will step into the ring and take the victory? Our Ocoee roof repair team will present the facts and then let you decide.

Why Consider Roof Repairs When Shopping For A New Roof?

It may seem like putting the cart before the horse to think about repairing a roof before it’s even been installed. When you shop for a new car, do you research its maintenance schedule and typical repair costs? Of course you do. Those expenses factor into the cost of your car over the years. 

The same is true for your new roof. Do you pay more now for a roof that needs less maintenance later? Or, do you pay less now, take good care of your roof, and try to keep maintenance costs down? These questions and more should factor into your decision.

Roof Repairs 101

If you’re new to homeownership, you may not know what roof repairs are generally needed throughout the life of a roof. Or what to look out for. Here’s a lesson for newbies (or a refresher if you’ve forgotten) from our Ocoee roof repair team.

Signs that your roof may need repairs include:

Asphalt shingle roofs may show signs of wear, including missing or curling shingles, shedding granules, and sagging. Metal roofs may have rusty or missing bolts, dents, or loose connections.

Anytime you see damage or signs like those above, it’s best to call the experts to look closer.  

Get Professional Roof Repair Inspections Regularly

We recommend that a professional roof inspector look at your roof every year so that you can nip damage in the bud and avoid costly repairs. Between regular annual inspections, have your roof evaluated after a significant storm to assess any damage. Extreme weather can drop limbs on your roof, clog your gutters, and push water through any crevices it can find.

By keeping a watchful eye on your roof, you can address minor repairs before they escalate into costly issues, potentially saving you from the need for a new roof.

What’s The Difference Between Asphalt and Metal?

Now that we’ve established best practices for maintaining a healthy roof let’s dive into which roofing material is better – asphalt or metal. You already know we’re not going to choose sides, but we will present their pros and cons so you can choose the best option for your needs.

Asphalt ProsOcoee roof repair

Affordability – Asphalt costs significantly less than metal.

Easy installation – Asphalt shingles come in lightweight and easy-to-handle sections, making installation quick.

Style variety – Asphalt shingles come in various colors and styles. Some shingle shades can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency!

Asphalt Cons

Lifespan: Asphalt roofs generally have a maximum lifespan of 20 years with proper maintenance.

Weather resistance: Extreme weather conditions have a more significant impact on asphalt shingles.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance will maximize the longevity of an asphalt roof.

Ocoee roof repairMetal Pros

Longevity: Metal roofs can last up to 70 years or more.

Durability: Metal roofs can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour and are impact-resistant.

Safety: Metal roofs will not spark and catch fire from a wildfire or lightning strike.

Low maintenance: Metal roofs require minimal maintenance over their lifetime.

Metal Cons 

Initial cost: Metal roofs can cost twice as much as asphalt roofs.

Installation complexity: Specialized expertise is needed to install a metal roof, and it will generally take longer than an asphalt installation.

Noise: Metal can be noisy during heavy rain or hail, although insulation can address this.

Advantage Roofing Can Do It All

Both types of roofs can reach their maximum lifespan with preventative maintenance by professional Ocoee roof repair technicians. An honest and trustworthy roofing partner is ideal if you want to limit repairs. Take a look at Michael W.’s experience working with our owner, Tom Ringler:

“Tom was not the cheapest, but definitely on the lower end of the scale. On the higher end were companies quoting as much as $10,000 more while using the same products. I had already ruled out anyone with spotty reviews, so for me, the decision then came down to the fact that Advantage Roofing was the only one left in the running that did not want a payment up front. [They] wanted payment in full only when the job was completed to my satisfaction and it passed all inspections.”

If you’re in the market for a new roof, let us help. We can guide you through the decision-making process, install your roof to your satisfaction, and then handle any repairs you need down the road. Contact us today for a free consultation.