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On average, a commercial roof needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 years, but what can you expect from the Orlando commercial re-roofs process?

Advantage Roofing is a full-service roofing company that has been providing services to the Central Florida area for over 30 years. We’ve built our business, and our reputation, by providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service at a competitive price. Here, we will discuss one of the many services we provide – Orlando commercial re-roofs. 

Orlando Commercial Re-Roofs Little-Known Facts

You won’t want a residential roofing contractor for your commercial re-roof, but you can find a contractor that does both (like Advantage Roofing). The reason behind this is that while residential and commercial roofs may serve the same purpose, they are not identical. 

Design Differences 

A residential roof will often be steeply sloped and made of different materials than a commercial roof, which is typically a flat roof. Why are commercial roofs often flat? They cover buildings that are much larger in square footage, and they are multi-purpose as well. A commercial flat roof can provide a platform for:

Maintenance And Inspection Requirements

While commercial and residential roofs will both need property owners to check the condition of the roof periodically, a commercial roof often requires preventative maintenance and regular inspections. Investing in commercial roof inspections can help property owners identify damage before it worsens, creating more costly problems.

A roof inspection can help you understand which issues need to be addressed, the overall condition of the roof, and what the remaining lifespan of your roof is. Additionally, if you are considering purchasing a new commercial property, it’s wise to have the roof thoroughly inspected before making any decisions.  

A New Commercial Roof Is More Than A Roof

You can’t put off Orlando commercial re-roofs, and that’s because your commercial roof not only protects the structural integrity of your building, it protects the business assets that are housed inside. 

While you may consider a commercial roof replacement as costly, if your roof were to fail, it could create significant loss of equipment, supplies, vehicles, or anything else that was inside the building. 

Advantage Roofing Provides A Variety Of Commercial RoofingOrlando Commercial Re-Roofs Services

When you find a great roofing contractor that provides Orlando commercial re-roofs, you want to use them for all of your roofing needs – and that’s why Advantage Roofing offers the following commercial services:

Our customers trust us to maintain the value of their structure. We offer free estimates, and our licensed contractors will work with you to find the very best solutions for your commercial roof. Contact us today to schedule your service!