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We often hear myths about our Orlando roofing services and what they entail. We’re debunking a couple of them below.

I Only Need To Call For An Inspection If I Notice A Problem 

Think of your roof like you think about dentist appointments. If you only went when you had a toothache, then you likely have other problems accumulating by not getting your mouth inspected more often. The same principle holds true for roof inspections.

Your roof is an expensive investment that should be watched closely to avoid prolonging any detrimental concerns. It’s nearly impossible to know how your roof is holding up from the ground, so it’s critical that you get a professional opinion from an Orlando roofing company to ensure it’s in good shape. 

I Need To Wait To Repair My Roof When I Can Do So Comfortably 

The only problem with waiting to repair your roof is that other problems could occur in the meantime. As an Orlando roofing company, we unfortunately see situations like this happen all too often. When we visit a roof that requires a repair, we try our best to help out by offering financing options. 

Financing options make necessary repairs affordable by providing funding ahead of time. All you have to do is request a payment option, review your options and get funded! You can click here to get started. 

I Have Too Much Going On To Have Work Done On My House 

Orlando RoofingThis is a common misconception we hear about our Orlando roofing services. The good news? When you work with experienced contractors like us, it should only take a day or two to complete your project and get out of your hair. That is, as long as mother nature cooperates. 

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