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When it comes to your roof, doing it yourself is a bad idea. We want to share a long list of projects that you should leave to the Oviedo roofing specialists at Advantage Roofing.

You may be a DIY expert, checking to-do items off your home improvement list like a boss. But what about that roof repair? Leave the ladder in the garage and put down your hammer. An Oviedo roofing specialist should always handle roof projects. We wrote a whole blog about why repairing or replacing your roof is a job for a licensed roofing company. Roof repair is dangerous and requires special skills and equipment. Doing it yourself could void your shingle warranty and cost you more over time. 

In addition to roof repair, what jobs should you call Advantage Roofing for? We’re so glad you asked!

New Home Or Addition Roof Installation

When you build a new home or add onto an existing home, you may think the contractor will hire a professional roofing company to handle the roof portion of the project. The truth is, they may not. Ask your contractor who they plan to use for the roof installation to ensure it’s a licensed and insured roofing company. A construction subcontractor may know a thing or two about roofing, but if you want your roof to last for decades, have a professional Oviedo roofing specialist put it on.

Re-Roof Projects

Roofs don’t last forever, and you’ll likely need yours replaced at some point. Whether it was damaged in a storm or has come to the end of its long and fruitful life, when it’s time for a new roof, get the professionals to take care of the job. 

Putting on a new roof starts with removing the old one down to the underlayment, a big job that makes a big mess. Our team at Advantage Roofing is careful not to disturb your landscaping during this process, and we always clean up after ourselves.

We had a recent job at All Floors Of Orlando, and they left us this kind review about our cleanup process:

“We like the way they clean up all the fallen loose nails by laying a huge plastic tarp all around my home and using big magnets after they remove the tarp to catch any loose metal pieces. Great company; this is the second time we have used this company to re-roof our other home.”

It’ll be like we were never there – except you’ll have a gorgeous new roof!

Leak FixesOviedo roofing specialist

If you discover a drip in your home, jumping to the worst (and most expensive) conclusion is easy. But before you climb your roof to start investigating, contact our team of Oviedo roofing specialists to have a look. The issue could be as simple as the flashing around a ventilation pipe has come loose. We can repair it quickly; your roof’s warranty may even cover it.

More significant leaks may require a bigger fix, but we can manage that too. When you hear a drip, drip, drip, call us to track down the cause.

Regular Inspections And Maintenance

It’s wise to have a professional roofer inspect your roof periodically to see if any maintenance needs to be done. Maybe your gutters need repair, or a few bolts on your metal roof have gone missing. We can give your roof a thorough inspection and recommend any needed repairs.

If you’re buying or selling a home, have a professional roofing contractor do the roof inspection. While a home inspector can climb a ladder and look around, our team of eagle-eyed pros can see things others may miss. A roof is a big deal to a homebuyer, so it’s best to leave no stone unturned with your roof inspection.

Advantage Roofing Can Do It All

We can handle these jobs and more, so bookmark our website and put us on your contact list when you need any roofing jobs done. In addition to the above projects, we can also help you with

Contact our team of Oviedo roofing specialists today to discuss your roofing needs and see how we can best serve you!