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Orlando Residential Solar Attic Fans | Servicing Central Florida Since 1989

Orlando Residential Solar Attic Fans

Residential Solar Attic Fans

Especially living in the Sunshine State, the beaming sun beats down on your roof’s surface and heats up the air inside the attic. If you utilize your attic for storage space, you’ll want to consider getting solar attic fans installed to avoid overheating anything you have stored. This is an environmentally-friendly way to keep your roof cool.

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Ensuring proper attic ventilation might not be top-of-mind, but it’s crucial. Your attic can become a haven for mold and rot without adequate airflow. Incorporating Orlando solar attic fans into your home not only safeguards it from potential issues but also reduces energy bills.

Advantage Roofing promotes proper maintenance of your roof, which includes the attic. And what better way to help your attic stay mold-free than with the installation of solar attic fans? 

We find that prevention is critical to keeping your repair bills low and extending the life of your roof. Taking a proactive stance safeguards your property and enhances energy efficiency, potentially leading to cost savings on your utility bills. 

Opting for solar attic fans is a wise investment in the long-term well-being of your home. Here’s how Orlando solar attic fans can enhance your home’s longevity and maintain a healthy living environment. 

What Are Solar Attic Fans?

When we say “attic fan,” your mind likely goes to the squeaky, chef’s hat-shaped fans of old, spinning when it’s breezy and still when it’s not. Old-school passive fans are better than no fans, but technological advances have given us a better option. 

Solar attic fans harness the sun’s power through solar panels, eliminating the dependence on wind to initiate rotation. With active solar power, these fans operate when needed, ensuring a consistent airflow in your attic.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Attic Fans?

Solar attic fans are eco-friendly workhorses using the sun’s power, tirelessly protecting your roof while improving your home’s environment and energy consumption.

Energy Savings

Did you know that the temperature inside Florida attics can reach 160 degrees in the hottest part of the summer? That heat doesn’t just stay in your attic, either. It raises the temperature in your whole house, making your air conditioning unit work much harder to cool it. You can generally expect higher energy bills in the summer, but we want to help you do what you can to lower them. 

Installing Orlando solar attic fans can reduce the air temperature in your attic, giving your AC a much-deserved break. All while not adding to your electric bill because your solar attic fans only draw power from the sun. Win-win!


Solar attic fans don’t use coal-based energy sources, unlike whole-house fans that can cool down your home by using a great deal of energy. And, because your solar attic fan is helping conserve energy, you could qualify for federal and state tax credits. 

Burning oil and coal for energy releases harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to environmental damage. Unlike traditional attic fans, solar attic fans don’t use electricity, preventing the release of greenhouse gas emissions and reducing air pollution.

Roof Protection

When your attic is well-ventilated, the air doesn’t become stagnant, and moisture isn’t allowed to collect. You don’t want your attic to double as a sauna! That’s a recipe for wood rot, mold, and water damage. 

Our Orlando solar attic fans can kick on when your attic temperature reaches a certain point, or if you live in an exceptionally moist region, you may choose to run your attic fan year-round.

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