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These roof maintenance tips will help to give you peace of mind and we’re sharing five that will help to keep your roof in tip-top condition.


1.  Remove Leaves 

In Florida, it’s likely that your home is surrounded by towering trees of all different species. Finding piles of leaves collected in your roof valleys is inevitable and can raise concerns. If these leaves aren’t removed frequently, they will trap moisture and decompose gradually, causing your roof to accumulate the water damage and potentially create a fertile ground for weeds to grow. If you want to avoid this scenario, be proactive and remove the leaves when you feel it’s necessary. 


2. Clean The Gutters

Clogged cutters are not your friend. They can cause the paint on the side of your house to run or worse, they can overflow with wet leaves and cause your roof to rot. This kind of damage is not worth the expense it would cost to fix it. By cleaning and clearing your gutters each season, you can avoid this roof maintenance issue altogether. 


3. Trim Overbearing Branches 

Basic tree-trimming can go a long way to ensure your roof stays in a healthy state. The more overbearing your tall trees are, the more likely it is for leaves and branches to collect on your roof. Be sure to keep your roof damage-free by keeping a close eye on your branches or having it inspected by a professional. 


4. Be Mindful Of Roof Damage 

Roof MaintenanceIf you hear scurrying on the roof at night, it could be a squirrel that was able to access the roof from nearby trees. Some animals have a habit of gnawing on your roof and siding. It’s important to be mindful of animals, weather and aging to make sure your roof isn’t damaged or in need of a repair. Get in the habit of checking up on your roof and looking for missing shingles or damaged spots. 


5. Call For A Roof Inspection 

Roofs are an investment that you’ll want to take great care of in order to maximize your profit and its longevity. If you have any roof maintenance concerns, contact us to come take a look. Our roofing contractors would be happy to determine if there’s a problem and offer a solution.