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If you’re looking for a ‘roof repair Orlando,’ you’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing the 5-step process we perform during this service below.

A lot of our customers find us when they’re scouring the web for a ‘roof repair Orlando.’ That’s because we’ve been serving the community since 1989 and have earned ourselves a stellar reputation handling all roofing concerns. If you aren’t sure if what you need is a repair, check out this blog about the signs you can look for! 

Here’s our 5-step process: 

Step One: Contact Us For A Free Estimate 

When you notice that something about your roof looks a little off, be sure to let us know ASAP. You don’t want to prolong the damage by putting the repair off, so it’d be in your, and wallet’s, best interest to contact us so that we can make an appointment for a free estimate. 

Step Two: Perform The Inspection 

Once we have an idea of the kind of service you’ll need, we’ll perform an inspection to clarify. We’ll put the areas of concern and age of your roof all into consideration when providing you with your free estimate. Once we’ve come to an agreement and decided on a plan of action, we’ll schedule a repair appointment that works best for you.

Step Three: Work With Insurance Companies To Honor Claims 

When you come to us for a ‘roof repair Orlando,’ we make it our mission to ensure our specialists are working directly with all insurance companies and abiding by proper procedures to honor our client’s claims. We strive to make the insurance process as simple and cordial as can be. 

Step Four: Manage The Repair 

Once it’s time for your roof’s repair appointment, our roofing contractors will come ready to roll. We’ll arrive on the scene on time to ensure we get everything done within our allotted time frame. We bring all the necessary equipment to get the job done, and we’ll even educate you about our process and the things you can do to prevent this issue from happening again. 

Roof Repair OrlandoStep Five: Clean Up

Maintaining strong customer service is incredibly important to us, and something we pride ourselves in is leaving our customer’s property spotless. Too often do we hear of people complaining that roofers leave behind a trail of their worksite, which is why we make an effort to be better than that. 

For more information about our process for a ‘roof repair Orlando,’ feel free to contact us today! We’d be happy to answer all of your questions and help you set up an appointment to get your roof back in business.