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Asphalt Roofing Orlando

Here’s why asphalt roofing Orlando can be a great option for most residential and commercial applications.

For most homeowners looking to do a re-roofing job on a budget while maintaining an attractive look and competitive warranties, a composition shingle also known as asphalt roofing Orlando is perhaps the most simple, plausible, and cost-effective solution.

In a highly competitive residential roofing Orlando market saturated with numerous options, asphalt roofing Orlando shingles are by far one of the most popular roofing product used today. While not as durable and long-lasting as some of the more premium roofing materials such as metal, cedar shakes, slate, or clay tiles, asphalt shingles can provide an adequate protection and sufficient aesthetic appeal at only a fraction of the cost of other systems.

When it comes to asphalt roofing, it can be the most cost-effective solution to those who are looking for an attractive option. If you’re considering asphalt roofing Orlando Contact Advantage Roofing Inc. today for your free estimate.

Tile Roofing Orlando

When compared to other roofing options, tile roof installation or replacement can offer a stylistic edge not found anywhere else. Tile roofing Orlando has a very unique and beautiful quality that cannot be emulated by other roofing materials.

Advantages of a Tile Roofing System is their durability and longevity. A tile roof has been used for thousands of years, and still, today is one of the most durable forms of roofing available. Tile roofing Orlando can be expected to last for most of your life, quite possibly never needing replacement. This material is also unaffected by problems that can cause issues with other roofing materials, such as insects or decay. The organic compounds that makeup tile roofing Orlando will not rot, so you end up with a sturdy roofing material that lasts for years when you choose to go with tile roof installation or replacement.

A tile roof is also especially resilient to fire. When you go with a tile roof you are further improving the safety of your home by increasing further protecting it from potential fire damage. Tile roof installation or replacement not only looks great and is long-lasting, but will help keep your home safe from fire damage as well, making it an excellent choice!

When it comes to wanting a durable and reliable roofing material here in Central Florida, you can’t find anything more durable and resilient than tile roofing. If you feel that tile roofing is the way to go, be sure to contact Advantage Roofing Inc. today for your free estimate on tile roofing in Orlando.

Flat Roofing Orlando

What is flat roofing Orlando?

Flat roofing Orlando is precisely as it sounds. Flat roofing has a pitch that is approximately 10 degrees. What this means is that the roof is relatively flat in comparison to other roofing structures. A flat roof is beneficial for either residential or commercial properties because of their structural integrity and popularity.

Flat roofing Orlando is popularly used for extensions to your home or business, as well as for garages of all types. Flat roofs are traditionally constructed with masonry or concrete and are good at keeping out the heat from the sun in a cost-effective fashion.

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Metal Roofing Orlando

For homeowners and business owners looking to reroof their home or business, a viable, cost-effective option is metal roofing. There are many benefits when it comes to metal roofing Orlando.

Here are just a few reasons to pick metal roofing Orlando:

  • Low cost in maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable

Metal roofing Orlando is low in maintenance and energy efficient. It is known for being durable, especially when it comes to harsh weather. This roofing can provide increased protection for your house against the elements, such as wind, ice, hail and even fire.

For those seeking a new roof, metal roofing offers competitive warranties and is a simple, cost-effective solution to your needs. In a competitive residential roofing market steeped with various options, metal roofing is an excellent way to go.

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