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A shingle on the ground is an easy red flag to spot. But what about some harder-to-see signs that you need to call our Sanford roofing contractors for a repair? We’ll let you in on some industry secrets.

Your roof represents a significant investment in your home, and to keep it looking its best and lasting as long as possible, diligent maintenance is essential. How do you know when your roof needs repairs? There are obvious signs like missing shingles and living room leaks, but you should also be aware of some hidden signs that may indicate a repair is necessary. Here, we pull back the curtain and give you a peek at what we, as professional Sanford roofing contractors, look for when evaluating the need for roof repairs.

Get An Inspection

You don’t know what you don’t know – and neither do we – until you have your roof professionally inspected. There’s only so much you can see from the ground, so we need to hop up there (or carefully climb up) and visually inspect your roof closely. Your roof inspection also includes an evaluation of your gutters, flashing, joists, and attic. 

For a roof to perform at its best, it must be watertight and wind-resistant. Any gaps or loose fittings leave just enough space for water to seep through or wind to grab a hold. Spotting minor issues before they turn into significant ones is what inspections are for. Your inspection may reveal any of these not-so-obvious signs that a repair is in your future.

Little-Known Sign #1: Loose Nails and Flashing

If you’ve ever been inside a home while it’s getting a new roof, you know how many nails it takes to install. The constant “bang, bang, bang” of the roofer’s nail gun gives you some indication of the massive number of nails that hold your shingles onto your roof. With time and weather, those nails can loosen and fall to the ground. 

When nails start showing up in your driveway, you have a problem on your hands (and in your tires), but if they fall into your flowerbeds, you may not realize you’re losing them, and your roof is at risk. Our inspectors will check for signs of missing or loose nails and recommend the best repair solution.

Sanford roofing contractors will also be able to spot loose flashing around any “holes” in your roof. Flashing is a flexible material designed to seal the gaps between your roof and the structures placed beside or through it (like a chimney, skylight, vent, or dormer). Rain needs only the smallest space to create a leak, so having tight-fitting flashing is crucial to the performance of your roof. Our team will find any loose flashing and secure it to keep your roof watertight.

Little-Known Sign #2: Interior Mold Growth

Wet carpet isn’t the only issue you’re trying to avoid by keeping your roof leak-resistant. When moisture gets in, mold can grow, and it can cause significant health issues throughout your home. Spotting a mold issue early and resolving it is vital to your family’s health, your roof, and your pocketbook. 

You can’t perform remediation on a roof, so if mold takes hold, you’re looking at an entire roof replacement. Whereas finding mold early can mean replacing only a small section of roof underlayment and shingles.

Too much moisture can also lead to algae and moss on top of and underneath your shingles. Paying close attention to your roof by having regular inspections can nip these moisture issues in the bud and keep your roof dry and mold-free.

Little-Known Sign #3: Granual BuildupSanford Roofing contractors

Asphalt shingle granules serve two primary purposes. They protect shingles from deterioration and damage from harsh UV rays. Wind, rain, and hail can cause the granules to wear off, leaving your shingles unprotected. They can wash down your roof and into your gutters. When we inspect your roof, we will look at the ground under your downspouts for piles of these granules. 

While they may be small in size, the granules on your shingles play a vital role in protecting your roof. If we see a section with missing granules, it’s a sign that this area may require shingle replacement to maintain your roof’s integrity and keep it secure from the elements.

Only Professional Sanford Roofing Contractors Can Read The Signs

If you’re looking for a sign to contact Advantage Roofing for an inspection, this is it. Our roofing technicians use their eagle eyes to determine if your roof needs repair through a thorough inspection. We know what to look for, and we can keep your roof in tip-top shape for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate.