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What is Modified Bitumen?

Altamonte Springs roofer

Modified bitumen might sound like a character from a Tolkien novel, but it’s actually a standard commercial roofing material. Who knew, right? Your Altamonte Springs roofer did! When looking for an Altamonte Springs roofer to install or maintain your commercial roof, you must find a company with modified bitumen experience. This sturdy asphalt material is […]

3 Professional Traits of an Altamonte Springs Roofer

Altamonte Springs Roofer

Hiring an Altamonte Springs roofer may seem like a gamble, but if you look for these three professional traits, you can rest assured you’ve hired the right one. When you hire a roofer, you may not know what qualifications to look for, but there are a few basic professional traits that you should count on […]