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Think you might have Wedgefield roof damage? Here’s our simple guide to help you prep for an inspection. 

Step 1: Do A Self-Inspection 

If you’re unsure of your roof’s condition, it’s always a good idea to inspect it yourself first. While you’ll need a professional roofer to diagnose and repair any Wedgefield roof damage, a self-inspection can help you identify areas of concern that the inspector should watch closely. Pro tip: take note of what you think the inspector should be aware of so you can share with them. 

Step 2: Write Down A List Of Known Wedgefield Roof Damage

Oftentimes property owners call for an inspection because of a problem, which may be a leak or a loose piece of flashing. It could also be something as mysterious as a strange noise coming from the roof or something else that doesn’t have a clear cause. We suggest that you write down these problems on a list and make sure the inspector explains the problem in detail after the inspection. This will ensure all problems and symptoms are properly treated. 

Step 3: Find Your Warranty Information 

All your roof’s components come with a manufacturer warranty. Find your warranty information prior to your inspection and have that information ready to share with the inspector. This will help him or her determine if any part of your Wedgefield roof damage is qualified for a free repair or replacement.

Step 4: Schedule A Roof Inspection With A Trusted Roofing Company 

Now that you’ve completed all previous steps, you should be ready for a roof inspection! Make sure that the roofing company of choice is licensed and insured. If they’re like us, or any reputable company, they’ll be happy to provide this to you as proof of adherence to laws and regulations that are designed to protect you and us. 

With over 31 years of experience, Advantage Roofing has earned the trust of homeowners throughout Florida. See what our clients have to say about our outstanding service and quality workmanship: 

“Great roofer! They worked with us and our insurance company to get everything we needed. They did a great job. Highly recommended!” –  Eric Olson

“From quote to finished job…very professional, crew was excellent, clean up was superb! Attention to detail was above and beyond! I highly recommend Neil and his company. He even came to a friend’s house to repair a gutter. There are other company reps that quoted my job but were not professional…Advantage Roofing is delivering all around quality service!” – Carin Stowell

If you’ve decided to put your trust in us for your Wedgefield roof damage needs, contact us today to get started!