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It usually takes the trained eye of a Wedgefield roofer to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, so don’t spend your time wondering – get the answer now.

“Does my roof need to be repaired, or do I need to replace it?” It’s a question we hear almost every day. While the answer depends on a variety of different factors that we’ll discuss here, the great news is that no matter what roofing service you need, our team at Advantage Roofing can handle it. 

What Factors Do We Consider When Determining Repair Or Replacement?

Overall Damage

If your roof has been damaged by a severe storm or has aged faster than it should have due to poor installation, you may have localized or widespread roof damage. Depending on how much of your roof requires repair work, sometimes it’s not worth the cost of maintenance and a roof replacement is a more effective option. 

What do we look for? Minor damage in a small area of your roof usually indicates that a repair will be enough to keep your roof watertight, but if we see damage on each side of the roof, or taking up a very large area, we’ll typically recommend a roof replacement. 

When we conduct our roof inspections, our technicians provide you with honest feedback about the condition of your roof, only recommending services that you actually need. While a roof replacement is a big investment, it’s one that will last for decades. 

The Age Of The Roof

Just like almost everything you own, your roof will start to lose value as it ages. At some point, an old roof can start to negatively affect the value of your home, and put you at risk for leaks and other problems. When evaluating your roof for repair or replacement, a Wedgefield roofer will look at how much wear is present on your roof. If the roof has years of life left in it then it will probably just need to be repaired, but if you’re getting close to needing a roof replacement, it’s better to do it now than to wait for additional issues to appear.

Your Budget

We recognize that the cost of a roof replacement isn’t always feasible for every household. Sometimes you might need a roof replacement, butWedgefield Roofer only have the budget for repairs while you save up for the larger project. We will always take your overall budget into consideration when planning any roof work.

To provide more financial flexibility to our customers, Advantage Roofing offers fast and simple roofing loans. These loans allow our customers to get the roof that they need when they need it, instead of postponing their replacement due to cost. 

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Our loyal customers love to share the great experiences they have with our roofing contractors. Don’t take our word for it, look at this review that Jennifer left for us:

“We highly recommend Advantage Roofing. The job was done well and the workers were respectful of our property. They showed up when they were scheduled and finished when they said they would.  This job was a complete re-roof, but we have used them in the past for a repair on another house and had a good experience with that also.”

Advantage Roofing has licensed and insured roofers for your residential or commercial project.  Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.