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If you have a Central Florida leaking roof, you’re probably in a hurry to get that fixed. Advantage Roofing can help you with all of your roof repair or re-roofing needs.

Wondering what you can do about your Central Florida leaking roof? Some people may just buy an umbrella. Then when it starts raining while they’re eating dinner, they can just pop it open and keep all the dripping water off the plates. Others may put the house up for sale and call it a day. No leaky roof if you don’t have a house anymore, right?

But you’re not other people, and you came here because you know that Advantage Roofing can meet all of your commercial and residential roofing needs. Including that Central Florida leaking roof!

What Are Common Roof Leak Causes?

When you’ve got water dripping down from the ceiling, the most likely explanation is a roof leak. But why is the roof leaking in the first place? Here are some common causes:

If you’re unsure of the cause of your roof leak, Advantage Roofing can send one of our experienced roofing specialists to perform a leak inspection on your property. This service helps find the root cause of the leak, and our technicians can advise on necessary repairs.

How Will My Roofer Repair a Leaking Roof?

There are several different options when repairing a Central Florida leaking roof, and Advantage Roofing can do them all. We offer repairsCentral Florida Leaking Roof using a variety of high quality roofing materials. Whether your roof is asphalt shingles, tile, natural slate, or metal roofing, our professional contractors are ready to help you.

When we come to your home or business for a roof repair, our contractors will first identify the source of the leak, and remove any damaged materials. Advantage Roofing will then install any decking, water barriers, and flashing needed, and then complete the repair using materials that coordinate with the finish of your individual roof. 

How To Re-Roof a Central Florida Leaking Roof

If your roof is in need of more than just a small repair, or if you want to use this opportunity for a roof upgrade, then Advantage Roofing is here for you. Our roofing specialists can recommend materials that give your home or business a fresh new look. Re-roofing can come with a variety of perks, including a new roof warranty, the chance to increase the longevity of your home or business, and the chance to completely change your roofing material.

Don’t spend another moment living under a leaky roof, contact Advantage Roofing, and you’ll be warm and dry in no time.