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Considering a new roof? Planning ahead for your Bithlo roof replacement is a wise decision with hurricane season in full swing. Here are our roofing experts’ tips on the best time to get a new roof.

In Florida, we are fortunate to have pleasant weather conditions nearly year-round. We have all four seasons but they are not nearly as harsh as they can be in other areas of the country. This allows us at Advantage Roofing to replace roofs all year long but we do have some recommendations if you’re able to plan ahead for your Bithlo roof replacement. Let’s walk through the seasons.


The weather is calm and temperatures are mild. There is not a lot of rain in Florida in the spring so that means fewer weather delays. “April showers bring May flowers” does not apply in Florida. 

This makes spring the most popular season for a Bithlo roof replacement which means we are very busy. If a job ahead of yours gets delayed, it could push yours back. The weather is great but if you’re looking for a less busy time of year, maybe another season would work better for you.


The weather in the summer is usually hot and humid. Daily summer storms can put major delays on roofing jobs. And when you factor in emergency storm-related repairs, a regularly-scheduled roof replacement can be pushed down a roofing company’s to-do list.

If you can schedule your Bithlo roof replacement ahead of time, it’s best to avoid summer and opt for a calmer season weather-wise.

FallBithlo roof replacement

Ah, Fall. The weather gets a little cooler and things start to settle down, right? Unfortunately, no. Fall is hurricane season in these parts so it’s not the best time to schedule a roof replacement. 

Like summer but busier, roofing companies are typically extremely busy with repairs due to storm damage. Did you know that Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S.? It’s true. Think of what that means for roof repairs!


Now we’re talking. The weather in the Sunshine State finally takes it easy and the storms are mostly done for the year. Our schedule tends to slow down as well making it the perfect time to schedule a non-emergency Bithlo roof replacement. 

At Advantage Roofing, we can replace your roof any time of the year. Some months are better than others but we live in Florida where it’s roofing weather most of the time. When you are ready for your Bithlo roof replacement, contact us at Advantage Roofing so we can discuss the best season for your new roof to go on our schedule.