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There are many reasons to initiate your Winter Springs roof replacement appointment. Here are three factors to consider before doing so.

1. Weather 

Winter Springs Roof ReplacementLiving in Florida, we experience all kinds of weather, and usually at unexpected times. Especially during hurricane season, it can be difficult to get any work done on your house when it rains every afternoon. Rain can be problematic for a Winter Springs roof replacement because it involves removing existing shingles all the way down to the decking. As you can probably imagine, any precipitation can cause slippery conditions, which is not ideal for installers. 

If you’re nearing time for a Winter Springs roof replacement, it would probably be in your best interest to schedule an appointment for the fall. This is to guarantee you have a secured date and ensure your replacement will be the most successful during dry, safe weather. 

2. Temperature 

It’s no secret that a Florida summer can be brutally hot. The humidity and heat index can make it hard to be outside for long periods of the day. And, as you can imagine, the hot temperatures can be of risk to workers who may be prone to heat exhaustion. 

This is why the best time to complete your Winter Springs roof replacement is when temperatures are lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, the shingles or desired materials are quicker to seal and stay intact. 

3. Curb Appeal 

While you may not realize it, you take a house’s roof into account when looking at its appearance. If a roof were to look old and outdated on a more modern home, it would lose its appeal. This is why a roof replacement should be in the cards if you’re planning on selling your home for the maximum value. Trust us, buyers are much more likely to commit if they know they won’t have to replace the roof after purchasing. 

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If you’re looking to schedule a roof replacement, it’s important to consider these three factors to ensure the best outcome. Replacing your roof can help protect your home and give your property even more curb appeal. Contact us today to secure your appointment!