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What is Modified Bitumen?

Altamonte Springs roofer

Modified bitumen might sound like a character from a Tolkien novel, but it’s actually a standard commercial roofing material. Who knew, right? Your Altamonte Springs roofer did! When looking for an Altamonte Springs roofer to install or maintain your commercial roof, you must find a company with modified bitumen experience. This sturdy asphalt material is […]

Asphalt vs. Metal: Our Roofers Weigh In On Repairs

Ocoee roof repair

Considering a new roof but unsure which material will be best in the long run? Let our Ocoee roof repair team walk you through the showdown between asphalt and metal roofing. Asking a roofer which material they like best is like asking a parent which child is their favorite. It’s impossible to choose! But all […]

Is It Worth It To Finance A New Roof?

Sanford roofing company

It’s common to finance large purchases – cars, homes, appliances – but what about your roof? Learn how our Sanford roofing company makes it simple to get your roof now and pay for it over time. Some expenses are not optional – like when your car breaks down or your water heater springs a leak […]