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Roof repair is not likely included in your monthly budget, so it’s helpful to know what to expect and plan accordingly. When searching for an Apopka roof repair company, ask if they provide a free, comprehensive estimate. We do!

We’re in the thick of the rainy season in Florida, and as you know, that can come with roof damage. If your roof is older or has started leaking, it’s time to call our Apopka roof repair company to assess the situation. At Advantage Roofing, we have been inspecting, repairing, and replacing roofs in Central Florida for decades. We’ll be happy to look at your roof and see what needs to be done.

When we hand over our report, it will come with a free estimate for any repairs needed. Concerned that we may say, “You need a whole new roof,” when only repairs are necessary? Don’t worry! Our mission is to provide you with the best customer service you can find, and we base our reputation (which is sparkling, by the way) on honesty and integrity. This means we’ll only recommend a roof replacement if it’s absolutely needed. Here’s what you’ll get with our estimates.

We Identify Storm Damage

Whether a major storm just blew through or your roof sustained damage from last year’s storms, we will inspect every inch of your roof for signs of damage. Wind, rain, hail, and lightning are all significant sources of damage in our area, and we know what to look for. 

When hail dents one section of shingles, it can allow wind and rain to damage surrounding areas of shingles. Nipping the issue in the bud prevents future damage. Our expert team can spot minor signs of damage that, if left unrepaired, can grow into larger areas requiring larger repairs. So, you’ll see a storm damage report on all of our estimates.

We Check Your Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutter system is how rainwater efficiently flows from your roof onto the ground. You may not consider your gutters and downspouts part of your roof, but they are. Water can collect in your gutters without draining correctly, and eventually, it will start to pool on your roof. Water cannot drain properly if your gutters are damaged, bent, or full of leaves and debris. 

We all know that water is a roof’s worst enemy, so we ensure that your gutters are in good working order when we inspect your roof. We will identify that job on the estimate if you need gutter repair.

We Check Inside Your Home For LeaksApopka roof repair company

Water can get under your shingles and penetrate the underlayment layer of your roof, allowing drips to find their way into your attic. Maybe you called our Apopka roof repair company to look at your roof because you discovered a leak inside your home. But did you know that you may have leaks and not even know it?

Just because the leak hasn’t entered your home doesn’t mean it won’t get there eventually. As part of our inspection, we explore your attic, looking for leaks and potential leaks. Any leak repair we see necessary will be part of your repair estimate.

We Provide Financing Options

Once our inspection is complete and your estimate is in hand, you can plan how to handle the financial aspect of your repair. If you’re interested in financing, our Advantage Roofing team wants to help! 

Our roofing loans are both fast and straightforward and don’t require home equity. Our loan options go up to $100,000 and come with no penalties for early payment. Additionally, all of our loans have a fixed monthly payment. You can compare rates with us without worrying about a hit to your credit score.

Let Advantage Roofing Take The Guesswork Out Of Roof Repair

The experienced technicians at our Apopka roof repair company can inspect your roof and give you an honest estimate of any work that needs to be done. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.