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As a homeowner, it’s smart to keep an eye on your roof. Advantage Roofing has been serving the local area as an Avalon Park roofing company for decades, and we’re sharing signs of damage to look for that can save you in the long run.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense. It protects your family from rain and wind. It also helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Damage to your roof can lead to leaks or worse, and it’s important to take a look at your roof periodically to make sure it’s damage-free. But do you know what signs to look for when assessing the health of your roof? Our Avalon Park roofing company can help.

Missing Shingles

This one is pretty obvious but if you don’t look for it, you’ll miss it. Your roof should look like one uniform pattern of shingles. If you see any bare spots, it’s time to call in the professionals. Missing shingles can mean there is a weak or thin spot in your roof which can let water seep in. If water gets to the underlayment layer, you may see leaks inside your home. Have our Avalon Park roofing company come take a look if you notice any shingles that don’t look quite right.

Water Stains

This type of damage will be seen from inside your home. Walk around inside your house and look up at the ceilings. Do you see any spots? Spots on the ceiling can mean water is getting through your roof. You may not be able to see any damage from the outside but there can still be damage that shows on the interior. Keep an eye on your ceilings and walls and if you see spots, have the professionals at Advantage Roofing assess your roof for any needed repairs.


Big storms can bring strong winds. These winds can break branches and those branches can land on your roof. Any time an object falls on your roof, it can cause damage. Since it’s usually not safe to remove these branches from your roof yourself, it’s best to ask our Avalon Park roofing company to remove them for you. While we’re on your roof, we can check for signs of damage caused by the storm.

Animal NoisesAvalon park roofing company

If you hear scratching or scurrying in your attic, you may have an unwanted guest. It’s common for animals like squirrels, raccoons, birds, and mice to chew their way into your nice, warm attic and set up a cozy home. There are many reasons you need to remove these critters as soon as possible: health risk, mess, noise, etc. But as far as your roof is concerned, there is likely a hole where the animal gained entry. Once you have the animal removed, you’ll want an experienced Avalon Park roofing company to find the hole(s) and provide the needed repairs.

Asphalt Granules

The top layer of your shingles is made of asphalt granules. High winds, rain, or age can cause shedding of these granules. When shingles lose their top layer, they become more vulnerable to further damage. Look on the ground from time to time, especially after a big storm. If you see piles of what looks like pepper, those are asphalt granules and you could have a more serious problem on your hands. Calling in our Avalon Park roofing company professionals to do a closer inspection will let you know if it’s something that needs to be addressed.Any problems with your roof should not be ignored.

Turn To Advantage Roofing

Keeping an eye out for any of the above mentioned symptoms can save you from having to replace your roof sooner than you need to. If you think you see something unusual, it’s better to get an Avalon Park roofing company to take a look. Our team at Advantage Roofing will give you a free estimate if we determine that repairs are needed. Contact us today to make sure your roof stays worry-free for years to come.