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You know that a new roof can add value to your home but do you know how much? Our Bithlo roofers explain what kind of return on investment you’ll get from a new roof.

Maintaining your home gives most homeowners a sense of pride, knowing that their property looks its best and functions at its highest level. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may spend your weekends updating your bathroom or working on your flower beds. 

As you’re hauling your 20th bag of mulch from your truck, you may glance up at your roof and wonder how a new one would increase the value of your home. Our team of Bithlo roofers at Advantage Roofing is here to examine what factors go into the ROI you can expect for a new roof. 

Why Should You Get A New Roof?

Other than the obvious reasons (damage, leaks, missing shingles), there are other circumstances in which getting a new roof is a wise investment.

  • Improved Appearance – Roofing materials come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Updating your roof with a bold color or roofing material can greatly affect the overall appearance of your home. Did you know that 40% of your home’s visual appearance is from your roof? Don’t ignore how much of an impact it can make on your home’s curb appeal.
  • Upgraded Technology – Asphalt shingles have come a long way since their start in the early 1900s. Today, they are more heat resistant and energy-efficient. Upgrading to a more eco-friendly roof can help you save on energy costs, and may even help lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Longer Warranty – Technological improvements in shingles means they have longer warranties. If your roof is older, or you just moved into your home, upgrading your roof will give you a nice, long warranty and peace of mind.
  • Increased Property Value – Of course, a new roof will add property value to your home. After all, a roof is your home’s first line of defense from the elements and when your roof is structurally sound, everything inside your home maintains its value.

When Should You Get A New Roof?

A new roof is a sizable investment and you should consider the timing before you make a decision. Here are the most common reasons homeowners spring for a new roof.

  • Damage – After a hail storm or any storm with heavy winds, you should have our Bithlo roofers assess any damage to your roof. Storm damage is the most common reason homeowners replace their roofs. 
  • Age – A well-maintained roof should last 20 years but in Florida, 21.6% of roofs are in critical condition, compared to just 1.4% nationally. Extreme heat, humidity, severe tropical storms, and UV rays can shorten the lifespan of roofs in Florida.
  • Buying Or Selling A Home – If you’re buying a home, you want to have a professional roof inspector look at the roof of the property you’re considering. You should know if the roof needs to be replaced before you close, or if you may need to budget for a re-roof in a few years. On the flip side, when you’re selling a home, a new roof will increase the value of your home by around $12,000, but installing that roof could cost more than that.

What’s The ROI On A New Roof?

Finally, the heart of the question: Will you get a good return on your investment when you get a new roof? The answer is: Maybe, and it is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Roofing materials – The more expensive your roofing materials, the higher your ROI will be.Bithlo roofers
  • Professional installation – If your roof is installed by professional Bithlo roofers, it will hold its value longer.
  • Curb appeal – Does your new roof add visual interest to your home? If your new roof looks great, it should contribute favorably to your ROI.

Can Advantage Roofing Help My ROI?

When you partner with our Bithlo roofers, we will present you with all of your options of roofing materials, styles, and colors that will make your home more beautiful to look at and more valuable. 

We value our customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with the work we do. This customer-first attitude is why we won the 2022 Angi Super Service Award. We are ready to prove to you that we are the professional roofing company for you. Contact us today to get started.