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If you have roof damage due to a hurricane or bad storm, you will need to file a claim with your Casselberry roof insurance company. Here are some tips to help you choose the best roofing company for your roof repairs.

Casselberry roof insurance

Roofs are often considered one of the most vital parts of a home. Without a roof, a house wouldn’t really be a house. A roof helps keep you and the inside of your home protected from outside forces. And having a proper roof is critical in Florida, especially during hurricane season when the weather can get particularly bad. Be sure your Casselberry roof insurance policy covers repairs and re-roofs.

If your roof has been damaged, you will need to call a roofing company to come out and inspect the damage and estimate how much fixing or replacing the roof will cost. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right roofing company.


Choose a company that has been around for several years. Advantage Roofing is a full-service roofing company with over 30 years of experience serving Central Florida. Our experts are highly experienced and qualified to handle any job – big or small, from roof repairs to re-roofing and everything in between. We specialize in a wide variety of roofing materials, from asphalt to metal to tile. We’ve worked with it all.


If you are searching for a roofing company to help you with your Casselberry roof insurance claim, asking friends or family members for their recommendations can be really helpful. It’s also a good idea to see if a company has any client reviews or testimonials. Reading about or listening to what past clients have said will give you a better idea about a roofing company’s reputation.

Read what some of our happy clients have said about working with us:

“Tom did a great job on my roof a few years ago. My daughter had some damage to her roof during a storm. Insurance was good enough to replace the entire roof. Called and hired Tom to do hers. Did a great job. Would always recommend his company.” – Mikes Computer Repair

“From their quick response to my leaky roof to the quality of their installation, I had a great experience with this company. Accurate estimate with no surprises. Polite crew that showed up on time each day. My property was left SPOTLESS. I mean NO nails in the grass or other debris. The roof looks great.” – Shawn Roderick

Has Worked With Insurance Companies

Casselberry roof insurance

Working with a Casselberry roof insurance company to repair or replace your roof isn’t always easy. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible by working directly with insurance companies. We follow the proper procedures to honor our clients’ claims. Our roofing specialists are trained to assist with all insurance claims and coverage concerns.

If you have any questions about our experience or how we can help you with your Casselberry roof insurance claim, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.