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When you need roof repair or a roof replacement, you may consider financing because the cost can be high. But have you ever asked yourself, “Do roofing companies finance in Orlando?”

Who usually pays for a roof repair or replacement? If there has been weather damage, you could file an insurance claim, and your policy might cover a portion of it minus the deductible. If there was a defect with the roofing materials, the manufacturer might pay for a new roof after tons of paperwork. 

But if you have to pay for a roof repair or replacement out of pocket, let’s face it…it’s expensive. Here’s a question to ponder: “Do roofing companies finance in Orlando?” The simple answer is yes.

Why should you use Advantage Roofing for your roof loan?

Finding a finance company for your new roof is easy when you use our finance partners. Check out all the reasons you should look into this option for this significant expense.

It’s Quick And Easy

When you apply for a loan from a bank, it can take days or even weeks. Their processes are lengthy, and you have to jump through their hoops to get your loan payment. At Advantage Roofing, we work with our customers to offer quick and easy roofing loans. We know getting your roof repaired or replaced is a time-sensitive matter, so we work hard to get the work started as soon as possible.

No Home Equity Is RequiredDo roofing companies finance in Orlando

Traditional loans require collateral. Large loans that you use to make improvements to your home, or home equity loans, typically use the amount of equity you have in your home to determine the loan amount that you qualify for. Financing through Advantage Roofing does not require that you have any equity in your home in order to get a roofing loan. This is important to keep in mind when wondering, “Do roofing companies finance in Orlando?”

It Won’t Affect Your Credit Score

When you’ve applied for credit before, you’re probably familiar with the process of financial institutions checking your credit score. They do this to ensure you have a reliable credit history, which helps them assess the risk of providing you with credit or a loan. However, the issue with checking your credit report is that each time a business reviews your credit score, it can potentially have a negative impact on that score. This is not the case at Advantage Roofing. Our loan partner can help you compare rates without it affecting your credit score. Win-win!

There Are No Penalties

Creditors typically make a portion of their profits by charging you payment penalties. They can charge you a fee for paying off your loan early. At Advantage Roofing, there are no payment penalties. We are happy for you to pay off your loan early. If you need a commercial roof replaced, it can be better for your bottom line to pay it off sooner rather than later.

It Comes With A Fixed Monthly Payment

You’ll find it reassuring that the monthly payment amount won’t fluctuate due to changes in the current interest rate, market conditions, or our mood of the day. Your payments will remain consistent from month to month. We believe it’s vital for you to have a clear understanding of your obligations, making it convenient for you to incorporate into your budget.

Advantage Roofing Is Your Finance Partner

Paying for a roof is a major expense. However, we know that when you need a repair or a full roof replacement, it just has to be done. Contact our finance specialists at Advantage Roofing today to discuss your roofing loan options. When you find yourself asking, “Do roofing companies finance in Orlando?” Think of Advantage Roofing. We want to work with you so you can have the worry-free roof you and your family deserve.