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If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it can be tempting to do your own Winter Park roof repair. Here are a few reasons why you should leave that job to the professionals.

How hard can it be to replace a few shingles? As it turns out, making repairs to a roof takes real skill so it’s best that you let the experts handle it. Our Winter Park roof repair team at Advantage Roofing offers several reasons a roofing project shouldn’t be DIY.

Roofs Can Be Dangerous

Even if you’re not afraid of heights, climbing up onto your roof to do repairs isn’t something you should do unless you are properly trained. Our team at Advantage Roofing has been climbing ladders and standing on roofs for over 30 years so we know what we’re doing up there. Without the right equipment and experience, you could suffer a fall or other tool-related injury. 

When you hire professional Winter Park roof repair specialists, you can stay safe on the ground while experienced roofers take care of your roofing needs. We are fully licensed and insured so if anything goes wrong, you won’t be held financially responsible. 

You Could Void Your Shingle Warranty

Many shingle manufacturers include in the warranty that installation must be done by a certified installer. They know that the professionals will do the job right, and if there is a problem with the shingles down the road, they’ll know that it was a defect covered by the warranty and not an issue that is due to improper installation.

Our Winter Park roof repair team deals with warranty issues when they arise and we can take that burden off your shoulders should there be a problem with your shingles. And because we can get new shingles faster and cheaper than most individuals, we can swap out the defective ones quickly.

You Could Miss Other Issues

If you replace a few shingles, you may think the job is done. But there is more to a safe roof than what meets the eye. When you fix an obvious issue like missing shingles, you could miss a bigger problem that lies underneath. 

When our Winter Park roof repair team takes on a job, we fully inspect your roof for less obvious signs of damage. You may not be able to see issues with support beams or your roof’s underlayment layer, but we can. And repairing these problems sooner rather than later will be more cost-effective and will keep your roof safe for years to come.

Check With Your Insurance Provider And Your LenderWinter Park roof repair

Some homeowners insurance providers require that a roof repair is done by certified roofing contractors. You don’t want to run the risk of losing your policy because you did the work yourself. 

You should also check your mortgage agreement to see if your lender allows a homeowner to perform their own roof repairs. Often, when dealing with an insurance claim, the check will be made out to the mortgage lender and the homeowner. Any work done would need to be validated by the roofer and sent to the lender as proof that a certified roofing contractor did the work. Sometimes, the insurance company holds the money in an escrow account and pays the roofing contractor directly. 

Should You DIY Your Roof Repair Project?

You can see from this short list that it is not worth the risk of doing it yourself when you need a Winter Park roof repair. Save time and headaches by letting our experienced team handle your roof repairs for you. Contact Advantage today and we’ll take a look at your roof and offer a free estimate for any repairs that are needed.