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Looking for a Heathrow roof replacement? Here are 7 steps to get you prepared for this exciting new chapter.

1. Prepare Your Home For Loud Activity

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but a roof replacement will definitely consist of ongoing loud noises. It’s important to prepare for this series of events by informing your family members of the project so that they can make accommodations to be elsewhere. Work zones can be a dangerous place, so be sure to block off-limits zones for kids and pets. 

2. Relocate Your Vehicles

In order to offer the most productive workspace for roofing contractors, you’ll want to move your vehicles to give them a prime parking spot. A Heathrow roof replacement requires many tools and products to get the job done. This means contractors will need quick access to their trucks throughout the day. 

3. Take Down Wall Decor

The fact of the matter is, heavy machinery on the roof can cause movement throughout the house. This is why we always advise removing pictures and other decorations hung on the wall to prevent them from falling off and breaking. 

4. Secure Belongings In The Attic

During a Heathrow roof replacement, installers will be walking and working all over the roof, which means there’s a good chance of small debris falling in attic spaces during the process. If you want to take a preventative step to ensure your personal items stay clean in the attic, be sure to cover them with old sheets until the replacement is complete. 

Heathrow Roof Replacement5. Cut The Grass And Trim Your Trees 

If you have large trees that hang near your roof, you’ll want to get those trimmed before contractors arrive. Cutting your grass short will allow fallen debris to be spotted, making cleanup more efficient. This is all to ensure there is nothing in your contractor’s way of completing the project. 

6. Identify Accessible Power Outlets 

Your contractors will, without a doubt, need access to electrical outlets during the job. Whether those are on the exterior or in the garage, it would be a huge help to identify where the closest outdoor outlets are for immediate efficiency. 

7. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings 

A lot will be going on during your Heathrow roof replacement. It’s important to be wary of construction equipment and work schedules to avoid unexpected obstacles and guarantee a smooth process. 

If you’re looking for a Heathrow roof replacement, we’re the roofing company you can trust. Contact us today to get started!