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Severe weather can hit at any moment, causing damage to your roof. There are many advantages to having a Hunter’s Creek roofer conduct a roof inspection after a weather event, so be sure to schedule yours ASAP.

Statistically, your roof has a very predictable lifespan. Most homeowners who have asphalt shingle roofs can expect them to last approximately 20 to 25 years before they need to be replaced, as long as they are properly cared for and maintained. 

Bad storms and other severe weather conditions are some of those things that can take all of that predictability out of your roof, creating problems that need to be resolved quickly. The good news is, Advantage Roofing has just the Hunter’s Creek roofer for the job.

Why You Need A Hunter’s Creek Roofer To Inspect Your Roof After A Severe Storm

You Need An Expert’s Perspective

It’s likely that you haven’t lived in too many homes that have sustained storm damage. While that’s a good thing, it also means that you probably haven’t seen a lot of storm-damaged roofs in your lifetime. Our roofing contractors at Advantage Roofing inspect, repair, and replace damaged roofs every single day.

As licensed roofers, our contractors have also gone through extensive training that enables them to quickly identify even the most hard-to-spot damage on your roof. It only takes one small hole or crack to allow water to seep under your roof, which makes it critically important to schedule a leak inspection after severe weather.

Your Roof Changes With Age

A brand new roof can withstand more weather events like hurricanes, hail storms, and high winds than a roof that’s 15 years old can. Because of this, that storm that left your roof without a scratch 10 years ago may cause more significant damage today. Even if you’ve seen bad weather hit your property before, each year it can have a greater impact on your roof. 

It May Be A While Before You Notice A Leak

If a bad storm creates a leak in your roof, you might not see it until it starts to form water stains on your ceiling. In the meantime, this leak couldHunter's Creek Roofer allow water to infiltrate your attic and cause mold and mildew growth that is harmful to your health.

Water can also cause serious structural damage to your roof or home. Since you’re not in your attic or examining your roof every day, you may not notice water damage until it’s too late and you’re facing extensive repairs.

Looking For A Hunter’s Creek Roofer? Call Advantage Roofing 

We work to ensure that our quick and easy roof inspections cause little to no disruption to your daily routine. Our expert roofers will provide you with the answers you need after severe weather impacts your home. Contact us today to schedule your service!