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If your New Year’s resolutions include making your home look better and lowering your energy bills, our Lake Butler roofing contractors recommend a new roof. Here’s how you know this resolution is worth keeping.

Many resolutions center around personal goals like health and mindset. We want to draw your attention to how improving your home can help you with your financial goals of lower energy costs and peace of mind. Our Lake Butler roofing contractors have gathered some benefits of starting the year with a new roof.

Increase Energy Efficiency – Decrease Energy Bills

As your roof ages, its materials become less energy efficient from normal wear and tear. Roofs installed decades ago are also not made of the same higher-quality materials as roofs installed today. Technological advances in roofing materials and ventilation systems keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

This year, a new roof can save you up to 20% on your energy bills and could last much longer than a roof installed 20 years ago. Call our Lake Butler roofing contractors to learn how a new roof can save you money. We would gladly assess your current roof and recommend a new one if you need it.

Decrease Repair Needs

If you’ve had significant repairs to your roof over the past few years, you know those costs can add up. It’s probably time to start fresh with a new roof. Roof repairs can turn into a game of “whack a mole” trying to put band-aids on a problem that needs a bigger, better solution. 

When our team of professional roofing inspectors evaluates your roof, we can tell you if another repair will get the job done or if you need a roof replacement. And don’t worry, we don’t just default to “You need a new roof.” If a repair is all that’s needed, that’s what we’ll recommend. We’ve built our stellar reputation on customer service and satisfaction, always doing what’s right, not what costs more. You can trust our Lake Butler roofing contractors to be fair and honest in assessing your roof’s condition.

“Advantage Roofing was fantastic! From our first to last visit with Tom to the actual roofing job being done, everyone was professional and courteous!

The roofers arrived at the same time every day, worked very hard, and did a great job. Every day, they cleaned up the site and left no mess behind AT ALL.

We got three quotes, and Advantage Roofing was the most competitive and reasonable. In addition, they were the best at communication, responding in a timely manner, and staying in touch throughout the job.

I highly recommend this company!” – Anne P.

Increase Curb Appeal Lake Butler roofing contractors

A new roof can give your home a significant makeover and boost curb appeal. Did you know that 40% of your home’s exterior appearance comes from its roof? Imagine the difference a new roof would make to how your home looks. The vast material and color options give you almost unlimited choices to add your personal style to your home.

For example, metal roofing has become popular recently because it looks great, is energy-efficient, and comes in many colors. You can really make your home stand out from your neighbors by choosing a bold roof color like red, green, or black. And even if you choose asphalt shingles, a new, fresh roof will go a long way in making your home look fantastic. 

Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to put your home on the market this year? A new roof can give you a 60% return on your investment and let you list your home for a higher price. A roof is a significant cost a homebuyer wants to avoid facing. Knowing that the roof is brand new gives the homebuyer peace of mind and makes your home much more attractive in negotiations.

Advantage Roofing Wants You To Start The New Year Off Right

Let us help you with your New Year’s resolution to increase the value of your home, decrease your energy bills, and gain peace of mind. Contact our Lake Butler roofing contractors today to inspect your roof and help you decide if this year is the right time for a replacement.