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While there are many Lake Mary roofing companies, not all offer the same experience. Here are two services you may not have known we offer.

Solar Attic Fans 

Lake Mary RoofingIn our opinion, solar attic fans should be included with every Florida home. The hot and humid weather can often cause our homes to heat up, forcing us to lower the temperature on our air conditioning units, which increases our electric bill. It’s a cycle we continuously find ourselves in, especially during summer months in areas of our home that are not properly insulated– like the attic. 

Attics tend to trap solar heat from the roof and transfer that heat to our living space. Makes sense right? Ultimately, the attic plays a huge role in the temperature of your home and the amount of your utility bill. This is why solar attic fans, which are powered by the sun and require no additional electricity, are an incredibly necessary investment for the longevity of your home. They neutralize moisture and remove excess heat from your home, allowing you and your wallet to live more comfortably.


As a Lake Mary roofing company, we often receive inquiries about people thinking they need a roof repair when, in reality, they could use a re-roof (or roof replacement). When roof damage isn’t properly repaired or addressed, it only worsens the problem, causing the damage to affect its surroundings. This is why a re-roof is the wisest investment in this scenario because we remove all roofing material down to the decking and then install new underlayment for a new roof look and feel. 

A re-roof could also be of service to you if you’re adding a new addition to your home and need a roof to match. The idea is to maximize the lifespan of your roof by maintaining the same strong structure, but removing damaged shingles and replacing them with new ones. 

If you’re in need of a Lake Mary roofing company, you know who to call. Contact us today to get started on a project!