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If you’ve been noticing that something is wrong with your roof, it could mean you’re in need of Lake Nona roof repair. Here are a few things that cause roof damage, and the best roof contractor to fix it.


Whether you have water leaking into the ceiling, or a tree limb on your roof, you’re going to need Lake Nona roof repair. And you’re going to want Advantage Roofing for the job. Here are some common reasons for roof repairs, and why we’re the best roof contractors to do it.


Age of the Roof

Just like your car, your shoes, and your favorite shirt, your roof has a lifespan. These popular roofing materials are expected to last only a certain number of years:


The older a roof is, the more likely it’s going to need Lake Nona roof repair. Like the rest of your house, your roof needs proper maintenance to extend its lifespan and reduce the chance of emergency repairs. Choosing the right roofing company for the job means picking a contractor that can work with a variety of materials and provide honest advice on the services your roof might need.


Lack of Maintenance

Speaking of proper maintenance, failing to maintain your roof is another huge reason that you might need Lake Nona roof repair. Things like roof inspections and leak inspections can help identify a problem before it gets worse. Keeping up on repairs can add years to the life of your roof, and help delay the need for a complete replacement


Extreme Weather

Temperature fluctuations and high winds from storms and hurricanes are some of your roof’s worst enemies. Having a reputable roofing contractor on speed dial can help. After a major storm, schedule a roof inspection with Advantage Roofing, and next time you’re considering a re-roof, ask us about weather-resistant roofing materials.


High temperatures, which are very common in Florida, can take a toll on your roof as well. Installing venting or extra insulation can help your roof last even longer. 


Poor Workmanship

Another common reason for Lake Nona roof repair is poor workmanship on your roof. After over thirty years in the industry, we’ve seen our share of sub-par roof work that requires another contractor to come in and pick up the pieces. Choosing a licensed contractor to do any work on your roof can save you from the stress and financial burden of inadequate work. 

Who Can Do My Lake Nona Roof Repair?

Lake Nona Roof RepairNow that we’ve covered a couple of the common causes for roof damage, you need to be sure you’re picking the right contractor. We always like to direct potential clients to our client testimonials page – because what better way to know what to expect than to get the input of someone that’s already gone through the roof repair process? 

Don’t let your roof sit in disrepair for another day. Contact Advantage Roofing, and we’ll have one of our experienced roofing specialists get that roof back in shape in no time.