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You might need a Lake Nona roof repair if you’ve been impacted by a tropical storm, hurricane, or even just an unusually windy day. Whatever the reason, Advantage Roofing can help.

Lake Nona roof repair

Did Santa’s reindeer damage your roof? Maybe one of Rudolph’s hoofs cracked a tile, or one of Blitzen’s legs went straight through the roof – we all know that one gains a little weight around the holidays due to stealing Mrs. Claus’ cookies. With the holiday season now over, there’s no time to delay your Lake Nona roof repair

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If you need your roof repaired, contact Advantage Roofing today to schedule a free estimate. We’ll come out to your home or business and assess the damage. Our highly qualified technicians are trained to spot existing issues and problem areas, even the ones you may not have noticed at first glance. We know what to look for and offer the best, most cost-effective solutions. And we will outline our services to help you determine the best one for your property.


Some homeowners put off calling roofing companies because they are afraid of how much a repair will cost. We do not advise waiting to call. What starts off as a small leak could end up causing way more damage if left untreated for too long. It is strongly recommended that you reach out to a roofing company as soon as you notice a leak. If caught quickly, most issues may not cost as much as you think to fix. So, do not put off your Lake Nona Roof repair.

Repair or Re-Roof?

Not sure if you need a Lake Nona roof repair or a re-roof? Our expert technicians will help you choose the best solution to your roofing problems. We will work with you to determine the problem and go over our detailed plan to fix it. At Advantage Roofing, we offer several residential and commercial roofing services, including: 

Choosing Materials

Whether you need to fix or replace your roof, Advantage Roofing offers a wide variety of high-quality roofing materials to choose from, including:

Even if you had different material on before your Lake Nona roof repair, you can upgrade to something more modern or choose to stick with the same trustworthy material you previously used on your roof.

Lake Nona roof repair

If you’ve had damage to your roof, you should call your home insurance company right away. We work directly with all insurance companies and follow proper procedures. Our roofing specialists have experience assisting property owners with insurance claims.

If you need a Lake Nona roof repair, don’t wait! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. At Advantage Roofing, we set the bar high so you can get back to raising the roof.