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Whether you are building a new roof or re-roofing your home, there are a few things you should know about your roof pitch. Learn five facts about a Lake Nona pitched roof below.

If a home is an envelope, the roof is the seal. Not every roof is built identical; the roof materials and pitch help determine the overall performance of your roof. 

Often times, you’ll see flat roofs on commercial buildings, while residential homes are built somewhere in the middle of a pitched roof and a flat roof.

A roof’s pitch is determined by its angle or how steep it slopes. Therefore, a Lake Nona pitched roof has a steep slope and is made up of two angled sides. 

When you are remodeling your home or building your home, you get to decide the roof pitch you’d prefer. Below, are five facts to consider about a Lake Nona pitched roof.

1. Wind Isn’t Ideal for a Pitched Roof

If you are considering or have a Lake Nona pitched roof, wind shear doesn’t necessarily have as strong of an impact on it as it would on homes nestled in coastal or hilly areas which are much more susceptible to the damaging effects of wind shear.

Lake Nona Pitched Roof in progress2. Potential Expenses of a Pitched Roof

A Lake Nona pitched roof has a unique aesthetic appeal and offer several benefits, but they can cost more as well. They are a complex support structure that requires more material when it comes time to re-roof and repair your roof.

3. A Pitched Roof Has Lower Maintenance

The main benefit of having a pitched roof is that it typically requires less maintenance. Having a high pitch and a steeper slope means that water, debris, and leaves don’t remain stagnant on your roof; rather, they slide right down. However, this may burden your gutters if they aren’t the proper size. If you have a pitched roof, just be sure you have a properly-sized gutter system.

4. A Pitched Roof Has Layers of Comfort

Pitched roofs are typically double-layered, providing more insulation and interior comfort from hot and cold weather. Having double insulation can also reduce interior noise pollution as it is better insulated.

5. Materials Matter for a Pitched Roof

Not all materials are designed for pitched roofs. You should keep that in mind, for future reference, when evaluating and choosing your roofing material or if you are re-roofing or building a roof. 

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