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Who knew there were so many choices in roofing materials? We did. And we can guide you in making the right choice when you consider the metal roof life expectancy in Casselberry.

Metal roofs are gaining in popularity for many reasons, one of them being that they last much longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. But what is the metal roof life expectancy in Casselberry? We’re here to answer that question.

How Many Roof Types Are There?

At Advantage Roofing, we offer several different materials for your roofing needs, each with its unique pros and cons. Here’s a brief rundown.

There’s more information about all of these roofing materials on our website, but we’re here to break down the difference between asphalt roofing and metal roofing. Who wins the life expectancy battle?

What’s The Asphalt Roof Life Expectancy In Casselberry?

Generally speaking, asphalt shingle roofs can last about 20 years. The best way to maximize their longevity is with proper maintenance and repairs. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

Regular roof inspections – We can come out and take a look at your roof once a year to see if any sections need repair. Repairing a small section before it damages adjoining sections is the best way to maintain the structural integrity of your roof.

Thoroughly evaluate your roof after a storm – If you see limbs, leaves, or other debris on the ground after a storm, your roof likely suffered some hits. But even if it wasn’t a major, limb-snapping storm, it’s a good idea to have us take a look, just in case.

Weather plays a big role in the lifespan of your roof, and around here, the weather can be brutal. Keeping a close eye on your asphalt shingles year-round will help your roof last until its 20th birthday.

What Is The Metal Roof Life Expectancy In Casselberry?metal roof life expectancy in Casselberry

Before we get to the numbers, let’s talk about materials. We’ve already discussed that metal roofing comes in large sheets and is more durable than asphalt. There are two types of metal roofs: standing seam and screw-down panels. 

Standing seam roofs are made of a series of metal panels that are locked together at the seams. This gives the panels a certain amount of “give” and lets them expand and contract as the temperature changes.

Screw-down panels are, well, screwed down, and they are unable to expand and contract. We recommend a standing seam metal roof for your home because your home is heated and your roof needs room for expansion and contraction.

But what does that mean in terms of lifespan?

Metal roofing should last at least 50 years – that’s 30 years longer than an asphalt roof. What’s the downside? The only downside is cost. The reason metal costs more than asphalt is that it is heavier, harder to package and transport, and takes longer to install.

What’s The Bottom Line?

If you don’t mind replacing your roof every 20 years and keeping up with regular maintenance, an asphalt roof might be a good option. However, if you’re in your forever home and want to put one roof on it, consider metal. It comes in a wide variety of trending colors and styles and can give your home a unique look that offers incredible curb appeal.

Contact Advantage Roofing today if you have any questions about the metal roof life expectancy in Casselberry or any other roofing topics.