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3 Professional Traits of an Altamonte Springs Roofer

Altamonte Springs Roofer

Hiring an Altamonte Springs roofer may seem like a gamble, but if you look for these three professional traits, you can rest assured you’ve hired the right one.

When you hire an Altamonte Springs roofer, you may not know quite what to look for, but there are a few basic professional traits that you should count on. Here are the top three professional traits of an Altamonte Springs roofer you should be wary of.

#1 Communication & Customer Service

Roofing companies should have open communication with you and not try to hide anything in the fine print. They should also be honest and provide you with the best customer service.

#2 Timeliness

Another professional trait is the company’s timeliness. Keeping a roof over your head is one of the main priorities behind your home. So, making sure that you have a safe, working one is important, and the roofing company you hire should think so too.

Altamonte Springs roof#3 License & Insurance

With roofs playing such an important role in your home, you should make sure that the roofing company you hire is licensed and insured. This benefits you in several ways, but it’s also a good indicator that they are a legitimate roofing company.

When in doubt, you can always scroll through a company’s Google reviews to see what other people’s experiences have been when working with that company. 

If you didn’t get a chance to scroll through some of our testimonials or reviews, for your convenience, here’s one that we think captures what your experience would be working with us:

“This review is overdue and is deserving of my time to express how pleased I am with the work done by Advantage Roofing. I was waiting to complete the painting of my house with the new roof and landscape but it is taking a little longer than anticipated.

There were 4 workers onsite where other companies had two. There was a lead person onsite working both days and Tom was also available if needed by phone. The workers were on time and the roof was completed in 2 days.

After the work was completed the workers walked the house with the magnetic sweeper to pick up any nails that may have fallen on the ground. In addition, the bulk garage can was removed within 36 hours of the completion. No call needed.

This was a great experience for a major investment and I have shared their number with everyone who has asked about my roof. Money well spent.” – C. Gibson

Whether it’s a re-roof, a new roof, or even a roof inspection to make sure your home is ready for hurricane season, we can help. Contact us today to get our Altamonte Springs roofers started on your roofing project.