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The Pros Of Using Pros For Your Casselberry Asphalt Roof Repair

Casselberry asphalt roof repair

There are many home projects that you can tackle in DIY mode. Roof repair isn’t one of them. Let’s review why you should hire Casselberry asphalt roof repair pros for your roofing project.

Doing it yourself comes with a badge of honor. When a guest comes over and compliments your gorgeous new kitchen tile, you swell with pride when you can say, “I did that!” That’s the feeling we get when we complete a Casselberry asphalt roof repair. The difference is that we are trained, licensed, and certified to handle roof repairs. And while you can YouTube a kitchen tile tutorial, a roof repair needs to be handled by professionals.

Roof Repair Is Dangerous

There’s always a danger of a Clark Griswold moment when a homeowner climbs up to their roof. You can suffer significant injury from a fall without the proper training and equipment (and an excellent sense of balance). Aside from the height issue, roofing requires specific tools that the average homeowner may not have.

When you need your roof repaired, staying on the ground and letting the professionals do the dangerous work is best. At Advantage Roofing, our Casselberry asphalt roof repair technicians have all the skills and equipment needed to handle the job safely. We aren’t afraid of heights, can scale any roof angle, and have experience with roofing tools. We also won’t staple our shirt cuffs to the roof.

Roof Repair Is Technical

Believe it or not, there is a science to installing an asphalt roof. If your installation is not done right, your roof can be more susceptible to weather damage and leaking. Our roofing contractors know how to install roofing sections in layers so rain rolls safely down and into your gutters.

Once the shingles are installed, special attention must be paid to the gutters and flashing. When we perform a roof inspection, we check to be sure there are no dents or bends in your gutters that would make rainwater pool. When water can’t run off your roof onto the ground, it can cause damage down the road. Casselberry asphalt roof repair

Similarly, if flashing around your chimney and skylights isn’t watertight, water can seep into your roof’s underlayment and cause leaks. Our Casselberry asphalt roof repair team is detail-oriented, and we will ensure every aspect of your roof repair is done correctly.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

Many roofing material manufacturers will only honor their warranties if a licensed roofing company handles the roof repair. While tackling a roof repair may be in your DIY wheelhouse, you may be out of luck if you run into a problem and need to make a warranty claim. 

Another warranty to consider is the one from your roofing company. Most roofers will provide you with a warranty on their work so that you can call on them if you discover an issue after the repair.

Don’t Overspend

Roof repair can be a significant investment, so don’t spend more than you have to. If you try to handle the repair yourself, you’ll likely purchase your supplies from the local big-box hardware store. While these stores are convenient and have anything a DIYer could want, you will ultimately spend more than if you hire a professional Casselberry asphalt roof repair company. 

Professional roofers order materials in bulk, so they get much better prices than you would when you buy materials yourself. The quality of the materials we have access to is also much higher than at home improvement stores.


There are many reasons to hire professionals to handle your Casselberry asphalt roof repair, but this list should give you enough warning to stick to kitchen tile and let our team at Advantage Roofing repair your roof. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.